Fido’s iPhone 4 Pricing Details Found?

The iPhone 4 in Canada

The iPhone 4 in Canada

It’s exciting times if you’re in Canada, and are itching to get your hands on the iPhone 4. With the device slated to go on sale in a few days, pricing and rumors are hitting the interwebs fast and furious. Earlier this morning our very own Stefan reported that the unlocked iPhone 4 would go up for grabs in Canada for $659 CAD (16GB) and $779 (32GB). Unlocked iPhone 4 goodness? Yes please.

To add a little more fuel to the fire, this morning I noticed more pricing rumors, this time regarding Fido, Rogers Wireless’ little ‘discount’ brother. Word has it that if you’re looking for on or off-contract options, Fido will be worth a look. Here’s what was found in the source code of their iPhone 4 page:

  • 16GB iPhone 4 on a 3-year contract: $199
  • 32GB iPhone 4 on a 3-year contract: $299
  • 16GB iPhone 4 off-contract: $699
  • 32GB iPhone 4 off-contract: $799

These prices are mighty close to what Stefan (via CBC) reported earlier, so look for all of the carriers to have the iPhone 4 on-offer for something similar to what you see above. TELUS is also rumored to have the device up for $659/$779 (16 & 32 GB, unlocked) and $199/$299 (16 & 32 GB 3-year)… just FYI.

The end of the month is almost here… and the countdown is on. My question to all Canadians is a simple one: Are you going to pick up an iPhone 4?

[Via: iPhoneinCanada]

  • Augustine

    NOPE…Dell Streak FTW

  • John

    NOPE, my Nexus one will serve me way better then any iphone would ever do

  • Alam Imran


  • Ryan

    I'm planning on it… But will probably wait a week or two to let the insanity die down. 🙂

  • hoolio

    Wont be none left!

  • bkk

    i'm buyin two, one for me, and one to smash in front of everyone waiting in line 🙂 fairview mall be there

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