iPhone 4 available in Canada unlocked; $659 for 16 GB, $779 for for 32 GB

An American, living in Finland, writing Canadian news. I apologize in advance to our boys living in America’s hat, but this story is too big to pass up. That and they’re asleep dreaming about whatever Canadians dream about … maple syrup?

Anyway, Apple’s iPhone is going on sale this Friday in Canada, and it’s going to be available unlocked for the modest sum of $659 Canadian Dollars ($638 USD or 490 EUR) for the 16 GB model, and $779 Canadian Dollars ($754 USD or 580 EUR) for the larger 32 GB variant. That’s a bloody steal if you ask me compared to what we pay here in Europe.

Apple is also selling the older iPhone 3GS, the 8 GB model, for $549 Canadian Dollars ($530 USD or 408 EUR) while supplies last.

We’ve seen this unlocked sales tactic done in the UK as well, so I’ve got to ask, what about other countries?

[Via: CBC, Engadget]

  • Alton

    What ignorance, we do not dream about maple syrup. Our news is just as important, we are your neighbors up north. And for the record we gave you Pamela Anderson, so your welcome.

  • notla

    … and we also gave you Celine Dion (with a no-return policy in effect).

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