Motorola Droid X spotted with Android 2.2 (Froyo) in tow?

Even though the Motorola Droid X is slated to receive Android 2.2 (Froyo) sometime late this summer, we’re already seeing some Android devs getting Froyo on their X. That is, if the screenshot you see above is legit.

While this could be a real-deal Froyo screenshot on a Droid X, we’re going to remain skeptical until we hear something a little more solid. As we’ve said before, you can modify the Firmware Version number by messing around with code, or by simply editing the screenshot in Photoshop. Some are saying that this is just the Froyo UI running on the Android 2.1 kernel and base system, meaning that it may look like Froyo, but none of the speed optimizations that come with Android 2.2 Froyo are present.

Since the Droid X was rooted very recently, there’s likely no full Froyo ROM available for the device. Hell, I’ve yet to see any ROM available for Motorola latest Android flagship smartphone as of yet, so the likelihood that this is legit Froyo is pretty slim. Still, if we were to get some sort of video showing Froyo in action on the Droid X, we’d be a little more impressed. But, as of right now, it looks to be just another false rumor.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we did indeed end up getting Froyo onto the Motorola Droid X before Verizon pulls the trigger on their OTA update, but in no way do we believe that day is today.

For now, I’d say just enjoy having the one-click root option and get some root-only applications to bide your time. We’re almost in August, and the real Froyo update may be right around the corner for all you Droid X owners. Is that enough to make you want to wait, or are you ready to jump into any ROM? Officially or not, I don’t think we have much longer to wait for Froyo on the Droid X.

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[Via: Phandroid]

  • Fielding Greaves

    its not legit.. you can tell just by looking at the "2" ….. pay attention people

    • thegrimreaper

      Oh you poor soul. I hate to break it to you that it is legit. Don’t really care what you think you see. In fact Im looking at the SBF right now. No, it wont leak out because its not available for a consumer device.

  • Sahas Katta

    I have photos of a Droid X running froyo v2.2 and the new flash 10.1. Adobe showed it off during the launch press conference. (will was there too)

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