face2face consolidates Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace on a single platform

A company called Proximate Global launched face2face, a mobile application that consolidates multiple social networks — including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace — on a single platform. The main idea is to add location to the mix and eventually enable face to face meetings (hence the name).

Of course, as you don’t want to meet all of your online buddies in the real world, face2face comes with flexibility and easy privacy control, allowing you to make yourself available to some friends, and not to others, on an individual basis. However, if you decide to do so, you can still meet new people as face2face supports the “friends of friends” feature.

In a nutshell, face2face isn’t another social network – it’s touted as a solution that improves existing ones while saving you from the arduous process of building another new network. All you have to do is download the face2face app to your device, insert your social network usernames and passwords and let face2face do its magic. The application is available for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and many J2ME compatible devices (coming soon)…

face2face for iPhone (FREE) [iTunes link]
face2face for BlackBerry (FREE) [Click here to select version for your BlackBerry]
face2face for Android (FREE) [search for it in the Android Market]

  • sherol

    i like this phone

  • Hahn

    tried the app on my iPhone and its great

    love the design and the ability to check all my tweets/feeds from one platform.

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