International Samsung Galaxy S to receive Android 2.2 (Froyo) in September

Galaxy S Froyo tweet
Galaxy S Froyo tweet

With the recent leak of a Android 2.2 (Froyo) test release for the Samsung Galaxy S, one has to wonder when the official build will be available for everyone. Well, according to SamsungUKMobile’s Twitter account, you can expect it to hit in September.

This is for the original, international Galaxy S, and not for any of the US variants, but we couldn’t imagine it would take all that much longer for the update to hit those US variants. Samsung keeps throwing the punches, and from what I can remember, the Galaxy S will be receiving Froyo faster than any other device since it’s initial launch. The Nexus One expected, of course.

As I have said before, the TouchWiz UI found on the Galaxy S devices isn’t nearly as integrated than other customized Android user interfaces, like HTC Sense, making Android updates like Android 2.2 Froyo easier to roll out, from a manufacturer perspective. In comparison, HTC’s Sense devices are heavily customized, so making a newer version of Android play nice with their custom skin will take longer than a UI that just goes surface deep. Though Froyo for Sense devices is on its way soon, too.

The end of September doesn’t sound too bad for Froyo, now does it? The only thing about waiting is that there may be an even better phone hitting market out before Froyo hits, and we’re counting on it. It kind of keeps us with a job that way.

Still, the Galaxy S is a great device, and I’d love to see what else Samsung plans to package in the upcoming Froyo update for the device. The obvious feature that will probably left out of many phones to get the Froyo update is the 3G Mobile Hotspot feature. Carriers have to make their money somehow, and why not charge for a feature that Google is trying to give you for free?

Either way, it’s cool that we have a confirmation on the status of Froyo on the Galaxy S, we just wish it was today.

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  • @aatifsumar

    That's TWO months away. In the cell phone world, that's eternity. Hopefully we'll see some stable working betas out way before that.

  • Ben Guthrie

    As someone who went from a Nexus One on 2.2 to a T-Mobile Vibrant on 2.1, it's a HUGE step backwards.

    I would gladly give up rights to The Sims 3, Avatar, those other two bloat ware items, and download Kindle myself for the ability to get an un-mucked with Froyo.

    The GPS is all screwy, battery is awful, and I can't tether anymore, manually download all my apps.

    I honestly don't see any benefit to anyone to screw with native Android.

    The first offering in a store with native Android and a commitment to update as fast as possible is going to clean up. (First version of the Droid did that, and cleaned up).

    • Bill Grib

      You can not be serious about the battery. I’m at 3 days so far with about 35% battery remaining. The Vibrant blows all that HTC trash away in terms of battery life. If you want to see truly atrocious battery life, get a phone with sense, like the evo.

      I really like Samsung’s UI. Much better than the hideously awful HTC Sense. It makes the phone look better than stock android and it isn’t very far reaching. I don’t get why everyone is in such a freaking rush to get 2.2. IT’S A PHONE. At least its coming shortly after the phone has been released.

      • Henry Westbrook

        I don’t get much more than 21 hours out of my battery and basically all the stuff is turned off. I also can’t upgrade my firmware from JH2. I still experience at least one lock up/shutdown once a day where I have to restart as I get a black screen. This never happens while it is charging. As well a week ago, I had to charge three times during the day and the phone got HOT. I have to shutdown and pull the battery and put it back in. Seems fine with the exception of not getting more than 21 hours out of it and the black screen issue. I can’t get a replacement as all are on back order and my 30 days is coming up fast but I had reported this to Bell two weeks ago.

        Of course Kies is kinda crappy and buggy. It might be firmware, battery, or eclair – not too sure. So many posts but nothing definitive that I have seen from anyone. It might be the international version. I don’t have it unlocked either.

  • AnonGuy

    I’m taking my Vibrant back. Its a buggy beta-quality piece of shit. Never will I buy another samsung smartphone. They should be embarrassed, to be honest…

    Basically no GPS, so it shows mw as being miles away from where I am (seriously, miles). Phone lags like shit all the time. I’m not lying… My HTC Aria performed better.

    I personally cannot recommend this phone line to anyone. The screen isn’t good enough to make up for the frustration.

    TouchWoz is fime, but the widgets are terrible.

    No good weather/clock or calendar widget. No mail/sms widget. Social widget is fine, but meeds a makeover (and smaller font sizes). All os Samsung’s widgets take up a FULL HOME SCREEN – terrible.

    • Dan

      Idiot.. everything you just said the phone cant do or doesnt have. it does. and the reason why your phone lags is because your a noob to the smartphone world and leave multiple app’s running therefor your using damn near all your ram so your phone lags.. same deal as a computer idiot. if you work a comp to hard it lags.. think about it. SMart phones are handheld computers.

      • AnonGuy

        On my computer there’s this thing called file -> exit. Its not my fault android developers are idiots. I dont have to run mu computer with a task manager.

        The HTC Aria sill runs smoother than my vibrant. It’s well known that the filesystem on the internal SD card is a slow piece of shit, and I notice you cleverly avoided commenting on the useless GPS/compass.

        I’ve had two pda’s and three smartphones. I have 6 computers in my house (ome is a notebook). We have two Vibrants amd an Aria here. I don’t need tutorials from comment trolls.

        I don’t reco,ment this phone line. They’rw shit right now. Wait umtil a week or two after the update to see if they fix the (numerous) problems, imo.

        • NoThanks

          I agree with Dan.

      • weslyy

        Kay man. All I have to say here, is that sprint is kicking T-Mobile’s ass with the samsung epic. Its way better than the HTC Aria I know that for sure, and definitely better han the samsung vibrant. No problems on this phone whatsoever. Samsung did an amazing job on this phone. So don’t be a hater on samsung. I’m only 13, and I know like everything about this phone already. This phone is like 9.90 in rating. I consider this phone:)

    • RBRY

      OK, I have Vibrant USA and sadly AnonGuy 100% correct. GPS blows chunks but that is an established issue. What bothers me is that the phone is sold based on its processor and the lag is unbearable. When you search the web with any regularity the phone gets very hot. I think I am selling this and getting the G2 next week. The fast processor really means nothing when you factor in the lag time and the screen while very nice you get over it very quickly. Samsung as usual has missed the mark

  • xdragon

    basically stop ur whining the vibrant is supposed to get a major hardware jack up i mean come on its a phone my phone seem to have that problam gps yes other then that ya its a good phone8.5 my rating

    • AnonGuy

      No one said that when vista was released (wait for the sp, etc.).

      Sorry, you sound like a fool. No one should be content with a buggy device they paid for. These issues totally undermine the phone’s hardware “capabilities”…

      • Vivekm Mistry

        Actually when Vista came out and the problems were discovered everyone was like wait for sp1 it will fix it. Vista SP1 did not cut it and the complain kept on rolling in so Microsoft has to release Windows 7.

  • miggy5150

    i heard froyo upgrade will make screen less touch sensitive, any truth to that at??

  • Dee

    I think we truly have a hater here I have been using the vibrant for 3 weeks and I have no problems. I have received two updates on the gps. And I don’t have any problems. I use advance task killer pro or get the free version, to stop all the running apps in the back. This phone is truly amazing. I just want froyo. The touch wiz ui is really user friendly. The more I play with this phone, the more I discover new things. And to compare a mid entry phone to the Galaxy $ usc just darn rite ignorant. I have seen what froyo does to phones. it dramatically increases speed, accuracy and functionality. The vibrant is already a great phone as is. Froyo will help on the little things. No need to argue. If you like dinosaur phones than that’s cool. But seriously, writing a bunch of comments on here just proves that you are a hater. I wrote my piece. If this dude or dudette writes anymore negative stuff about the vibrant than we know he is just here to dog the phone. This phone is awesome to say the least. Sell your vibrants and all your computers, and get an iphone and a mac and shut your face. Have a great day everyone.

  • Merrickville

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant in Canada) GT-I9000M (Bell Mobile in Canada) I can honestly say that I’ve not had any of the problems I’ve been reading about. I run 6 -> 8 apps at once, and switching and processing is very fast. I’ve had a couple of cheep/buggy aps halt on me, but always able to Force Close them, I’ve not had to ‘reboot’ my phone since I got it two weeks ago.

    The Samsung UI is really NOT that invasive. You can just leave them all un-initialized/un-configured. My issues I’m having is with the stock Android 2.1 apps. The stock email app is CRAP, the stock Calendar (that has NO CalDAV support) SUKZ. My gripe is at Google, they insist you use their services, yup, I can have a Google calendar sync, but oh-no, you can’t have a Zimbra CS caledar. And, you can NOT create a ‘new’ local Calendar, you’re STUCK with “My Calendar” well, that’s descriptive. Yeah, you can get APPS to do that, but the stock apps on Android so suck.

    My partner has an iPhone 3GS, and my Galaxy blows it right out of the water with its performance. My battery lasts me about 30->36 hours with 6 apps running, so yeah, not the best, but I plug it in every night while I sleep, so it’s not a biggy. GPS is awesome, inside my house the GPS locates me within 10M (30 ft), but the BE on the Google map is right in front of my house, not 10M away. 🙂

    DEE: Have you read this article about about Froyo killing the AP hot spot in may phones?

    I mean, I live in the boondocks of Canada, my only Internet option is a 3GHz antenna on my TV tower, and that goes down WAY to often. I put the Galaxy S on my kitchen counter, enabled the AP, my partner & I flipped open our Laptops and connected to the Galaxy and surfed. The only sad thing about that is that it was faster than my ISPs service. Sad, very sad. LOL — However, if Froyo will disable the AP on my Galaxy, I’ll NEVER take the Android 2.2 update FORGETABOUTIT — I love this Wireless AP feature!!! — It’s worth the price of the phone alone.

    • user

      What wireless AP you are talking about? Proxoid?

      • Mitch

        Mobile AP… Comes with the phone. You can enable it under the Wireless and Network settings… Unless the us variants took it out? I have the i9000m canada release of the phone.

        • Merrickville

          Right Mitch, I have an Canadian Bell Mobility Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) , the Mobile AP was on the phone when I got it, located where you mentioned.

  • user

    Agree with AnonGuy. GPS is just crazy. It shows ma location only 1 out of 3-4 times. I have to restart it and then my location works. Sometimes lags when i open maps. Other then that its a nice phone.

  • user

    Forgot to say about battery. Its no good. Ive had an iphone befoore and its battery lasted 2-3 times longer the my vibrants battery. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge. Maybe its just my battery, but ive been using it for a month only. Somebody have same the problem with battery?

  • NoThanks

    Ok, seriously, that is why Froyo is coming out. I have the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant for Bell in Canada. Android 2.2 Froyo is said to fix any bugs and lags that any android phone has as well as give it a faster web searching experience. So if anyone is experiencing any issues with their android phone, be patient because FroYo will take care of it.

  • Devin

    Have had my phone in canada since the day it came out. got the phone on bell and have almost no issues. I think the phone is brilliant. most apps run great. Only issue ive had so far is messages app failed once and the phone has locked once and i believe that was my fault using task killer and killed a system function. Phone works great other than the ability to get a good media player like apples, double twist seems to be the best but needs the lockscreen play pause next bit that the default player has. screen is great and GPS works wonders, excellent signal even in solid concrete building where my old instinct wouldnt get signal even near windows…

    Major downside to the phone is it looks so awesome i dont want to damage it so i baby the thing. Dropped it once and i swear my heart stopped!
    Great phone… will be even better with Froyo
    Check out the new galaxy tab…Gorgeous!!!

  • dudley

    I went to download the new android update and it locked my phone and. It want turn on and it is just a brick now What can i do?

  • Tyeee

    Where to download it for my samsung galaxy s bell version

  • Darren

    I’ve been running the Vibrant here in Canada and so far really haven’t seen any of the problems that people have complained about. It seems like a rock solid phone although I’m not a fan of Touchwiz. That wasn’t a problem as I replaced it with ADW.Launcher. Also installed things like NoLED to make up for the lack of a status LED.

    I would like to have FroYo on it but will have to wait since it sounds like the release has been pushed back to the end of November. This is already a great phone but I think FroYo will really make it shine!

  • Jj

    isnt it NOVEMBER today?

  • Jj

    isnt it NOVEMBER today?

  • Michael M.

    and Windows 7 rocks!

  • ichabod

    Bell released Froyo today for the Galaxy S Vibrant, downloadable via Kies. Did it, done it. Device is much more responsive, ActiveSync email works as intended. Screen looks even better than before (hard to believe). Finally the device I’ve been waiting for, but bought 2 months ago.

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