Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will have strong voice software

voice software Microsoft Windows Phone 7
voice software Microsoft Windows Phone 7

The upcoming Microsoft Windows Phone 7 may lack true multitasking or copy and paste, but the software giant said it will have killer speech-recognition software that could raise the bar for voice controls.

At a keynote for the SpeechTek 2010 Conference, the company reportedly said it will leverage its TellMe purchase to include voice controls for things like search, navigation and dialing. Sure, this may seem like old hat but the company is saying that this will take it up another notch to help the device.

“Microsoft is creating rich, immersive and seamless experiences across devices, delivered from the cloud,” said Zig Serafin, GM of the speech group at Microsoft, in a prepared statement. “Speech will become the tool we use to unlock the power of devices as their connectivity and capabilities accelerate.”

If done correctly, this could give Microsoft Windows Phone 7 a leg-up on the competition because excellent voice software could be a game changer. If this works as they promise, you remove a lot of the disconnect between your thoughts and the actual implementation on your device.

Of course, that’s going to be a high hurdle to get through. I believe Google has done an excellent job with its voice software in Android, as you can now use your voice to fill in nearly any text input bar with the latest versions of the software. Google continues to invest in this area and it will only improve its services as we move forward.

What’s in it for Microsoft and Google? It’s the money, honey. Voice software can provide a wealth of information beyond just the user’s intent when it comes to searches. You could accurately assume the approximate age, gender and other demographic issues if you can properly analyze the voice query. This may also be why Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and it won’t be swappable.

Let’s hope Microsoft can back up its claims for voice software on Windows Phone 7 because it will cause all the other players to step up its game in this department.

[Via WM PowerUser]

  • Jessica W

    Of course, any Microsoft issued press release would claim it has "killer" features like voice.

    Microsoft obviously wants everyone to forget about the other shortcomings in Windows Phone 7, like the lack of multitasking on 3rd party apps, or the lack of Copy-&-Paste. Microsoft hasn't even finished most of the APIs, so apps cannot take advantage of basic things like compass, video camera, or network sockets (which prevents any Windows Phone 7 handset from using VoIP services like Skype).

    Microsoft's offerings need to be tested and compared to what Google's Android is offering, as Google also has voice recognition. Windows Phone 7 will be left looking very lacking against the competition

    • Max

      You are stupid, Microsoft has already said that they will add copy paste with an update in future, as far multitasking in concern, Android also lacks this feature. And as far as apps are concern Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 won't need much of them since Microsoft will include task system in the Phone. One task feature will complete the job which takes 3-4 apps therefore Windows mobile 7 will require less apps.

  • anon

    The site doesn't work well with firefox 2 beta. After the initial loading it shows the images and text for a second and after that nothing. Well, blank white actually. Just FYI.

    • archgen

      Try using the most resent version of Firefox (3.5) or try firefox 4 beta.

  • Robert

    I have one word for you…SYNC. If they can bring what they did with Ford SYNC to Windows Phone 7 that would be a good start. SYNC works really well and they're doing something similar with Hyundai. I can see them doing voice dialing and search and such just like they have with SYNC and that would be as good if not better than what Android has now.

    I love Android, but I want Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry 6.0 to do well as well. Good competition is what the phone market needs and Microsoft looks like they're on the right track.

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