HTC Fiesta and Paradise Android phones sold on Craigslist?

Remember that mystery HTC slider we saw toting Android OS around the FCC testing labs awhile back? Apparently someone has bought it, as well as another HTC Android handset, the Paradise. They apparently bought the AT&T test units on Craigslist, no less!

The mystery slider handset, which may or may not be the Paradise, looks like it will be coming to AT&T, as we initially thought. The only info we ever had on the Paradise was that the name was mentioned in a ROM someone had found. For all we know, these could be completely different handsets with different names. The Fiesta was rumored for quite a while before we all gave up, but who knows. The Fiesta and Paradise could have been canned already at this point (remember the Lancaster?), but we’ll call them by these name until we get something more solid.

As far as specs go, they’re still pretty sparse. The only solid thing we know about these phones, other than the fact that they’re running Android (and one had a physical keyboard) is that the Fiesta has a 3.2 megapixel camera. The Paradise looks like an Aria look-alike, only with a pretty decent looking keyboard on it. But that blue trim has got to go.

It’s pretty surprising to have these handsets show up on Craigslist, but I’m sure most of us will keep an eye on the site more often now to see if their any more gems like these out here. Both the Paradise and Fiesta look to be mid-range handsets, but both would be a very welcomed addition to the AT&T Android lineup. I think the Paradise would be cool to have for those who like the look of the Aria, but need a physical keyboard. Banging out long emails on the Aria is kind of dreadful.

Let’s hope both of these not so bad boys come to AT&T soon, they sorely need a decent selection of mid-ranged devices.

[Via: CellPassion]

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