Verizon gearing up for a big year-end launch, possibly iPhone?

Image showing the backside of an Apple iPhone 4

One of our insiders tipped us off to potentially some big changes (cough, iPhone, cough) coming to Verizon Wireless at the end of the 2010 calendar year. According to the leaked information, Verizon will be hiring like crazy with the goal of doubling its retail staff in the majority of its retail stores. This hiring boom is rumored to be commencing soon and is timed to coincide with a major product launch slated for December. Details are sparse on the actual launch device but our source seems to think it will be big and will require a veritable army of new workers to handle a tidal wave of incoming customers.

We can let our imaginations run wild with speculation over the identity of this mystery device but the first that comes to mind is the long-rumored iPhone. Verizon Wireless’ executives have been vocal about the iPhone and its inevitable debut on the nation’s largest carrier. Recently, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal set the tech world on fire with information that Apple is in the process of manufacturing a CDMA iPhone. This Pegatron-manufactured Apple phone is thought to be slated for a January launch date.

If this rumored January launch is more fact than fiction, then it is possible that Verizon is preparing to ramp up hiring in order to increase the number of in-store sales representatives that the carrier will need to handle demand for a Verizon iPhone. Demand for a CDMA version of the Apple smartphone is high and Verizon would need to significantly increase the number of employees as an iPhone launch would bring in a “tsunami of customers.” Then again, this ramp-up could be for a busier-than expected holiday season or for an influx of new customers as Verizon begins to fire up LTE in 25-30 local markets.

So what do you think? Is Verizon gearing up for a major product launch, possibly the iPhone, or is this just the normal cycle of hiring and product launches? Is Verizon preparing for that NVIDIA Tegra2-powered, Verizon FiOS TV-enabled tablet device from Motorola? All thoughts and reactions are welcome in the comments.

  • timjones17

    Verizon is gearing up for more Android devices!

    As for the iPhone that Verizon called a Digitally Clueless Beauty Pageant Queen in its Droid ads, Verizon would rather not deal with the boring, tired iPhone, that prima donna Steve Jobs who definately doesn't have AT&T's back, and whiny iPhone users.

    Fact is, Phone sales of 8.4 million are lower, compared to Q1 (8.75M) and Q4 of 2009 (8.7M). iPhone market share is down to 14% from peak in Q3 of 2009, of 17%; while the global smartphone market grew 10% over the past 6 months.

  • chew


  • Chris

    "At then end of the 2010 calendar year." Please proofread your articles before publishing, and the reliability of your information may go much farther.

  • ROA

    Not happening this year.

  • steve

    could it be the Motorola superphone Motorola's CEO was speaking about in June?

  • Kelly

    I have the AT&T iPhone currently, and have been pretty pleased with it, including the service. I am excited about the prospects of the iPhone being offered on Verizon's network, but I am concerned about the VZW network's capability of handling the large influx of users that will most certainly move to VZW from AT&T. Any thoughts on this?

  • MrWindows

    Sorry – no iPhone for Verizon in December. The CDMA model being produced is for the Chinese market using their own CDMA variant – it absolutely won't work on Verizon.
    However, there are lots of Windows Phone 7 models coming out, some slated to replace the ill-fated Kin, which is another reason why they were pulled so quickly from Big Red.
    There is no LTE version of the iPhone – yet. But there will be…

    • ScrappyLaptop

      Yes, but without provisions for any sort of database (MS says to just use XML files instead), developers have been staying away from WinMobile7 in droves.

  • ScrappyLaptop

    My prediction (if I’m not wrong about the hoax) is that Google will announce the initial offering of GoogleTv as a mobile service over the Verizon network on android powered devices. GoogleTV ® is still slated for a November release, and while it was initially (pre- the April court finding for Comcast) touted as a replacement for residential cable over broadband, I think that a deal with Verizon would show the actual target market (at least at first) is mobile devices, using the android framework. There is no established ‘cable’ in the mobile arena, the closest would be Apples’ offerings and smaller one-offs like zulu -but they are no Comcast or Dish/DirectTV in terms of always-on, multichannel, live, scheduled, ‘network’ programming. Google would own the Verizon segment of the market, and I’m guessing there’s a whole stack of patents to protect the T-mobile and AT&T segments for a while (as would lead time to market). Having a deal closed ahead of time for guaranteed bandwidth would be crucial for the project to succeed & after the April ruling they need to be first in line with at least one mobile carrier. And all you iPhone fans keep asking for Verizon over AT&T, maybe Google was listening… 😉

  • TONY

    No one is even thinking about LTE launch at all its slated for late November early Dec um 4g devices anyone and Mr jobs is locked in a,contract with at&t till the end of this yr so no cdma iPhone most likely its normal seasonal hireing with a few more due to LTE demand coming

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