Android 2.2 update for the Motorola DROID now hitting handsets

Image of the Motorola Droid updating its Android ROM

Image of the Motorola Droid updating its Android ROM

Good news Verizon DROID owners! The highly anticipated Android 2.2 update is now hitting handsets en masse. After a briefΒ  rollout that stalled and was delayed for a week by Verizon, the update is reportedly back on again and handsets are receiving some official Froyo love. The update is delivered OTA and a notification should appear on your handset alerting you of the now available update. If you can’t stand to wait for the official notification, you can manually check for the 2.2Β  update by accessing the system update option within the settings menu. Once you the green light for this Froyo build, it should only take a few minutes to download and install.

If you really, really want Android 2.2 now and are not afraid of flashing your Verizon handset, you can download and install the update manually using our detailed instructions. The process is straight forward for those familiar with the Android platform. If you do not know how to mount your SD card or are uncomfortable with booting into recovery mode, you would be wise to wait for over-the-air update to arrive. Verizon usually releases their updates in waves over the course of a few days so your wait for Android 2.2 should not be unbearably long.

Android 2.2 breathes some new life into this nine-month old handset and adds Bluetooth voice dialing, faster web browsing, Adobe Flash 10.1 support, WiFi hotspot functionality, overall improved performance, and a myriad of other goodies. If you have a DROID and a two-year contract, there is no question that you should update to this latest 2.2 version . The more difficult question, especially for those on a one year contract, is whether you should pawn your DROID on eBay and upgrade to the DROID 2, which is available for pre-sale today at Verizon. Anyone going to abandon the D1 for the D2 or are you going to stick with your old faithful?

Like we said above, if you really can’t wait for the official OTA update, you can manually update your Droid to Android 2.2 by following these instructions.
Force install Android 2.2 Froyo update on your Verizon Motorola Droid

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  • Frank Earl

    Going to stick with my old trustworthy Droid for a while yet. I'll be cool with it for another 6 or so months and pick up the new one when my upgrade is due- they'll have another big sale on it then and I should get it for a decent price.

    • BuzzBomb

      In another 6 months or so, you'll most likey be able to upgrade to something better than the Droid X, Droid Incredible, or the Droid 2. πŸ™‚

      • Johnson

        .. or a Nokia superphone running MeeGo. πŸ˜‰

      • Adam

        Droid Pro…

  • Tess

    the new 2.2 software sucks if you use the messaging app alot and is over all easier to hit the wrong button; i hate it and want the old software back or a new phone

    • Eric

      I agree! I HATE the 2.2 upgrade! If they don’t give the option to go back, then my Droid is history! Absolutely HATE it! (But, other than that, life is good!)

  • Frank

    Is the hacked Android 2.2 verison the exact same as the official Verizon Android 2.2?

  • @jakepetersen91

    I updated to 2.2 late last night. About 1 am pacific coast time. I love the new software. For sure staying with the old faithful DROID original!

    • Guest

      Does it have USB Tethering?

  • ray

    no motoblur for me, thanks. i've waited long enough just for stock android updates on my droid

  • Guest

    The WiFi hotspot feature is available on the droid? I thought Verizon blocked that feature… still waiting for 2.2.

  • MotoDroid User

    The article mentions WiFi hotspot which I thought verizon took out. I manually updated my droid to 2.2 and it doesn't have WiFi hotspot. Am I missing something?

    • Guest

      Verizon Blocked that feature. πŸ™ They also say they blocked USB Tethering. I am waiting for the official OTA update. Does any one know by when every Moto Droid will get it?

      • Guest

        All Droids should get Android 2.2 by Augest 18th.

  • @jakepetersen91

    FLASH 10.1 does not work or isn’t activated on the original Droid. Even on adobe’s approved flash websites it says that Flash is not installed and to stand by for more word from Verizon. Does anyone know why 2.2 doesn’t have flash?

    • guest

      download it from the market

      • Droid User

        It's not available yet, at least not via Verizon.

    • droidguru2010 go to this link download to your computer connect your phone to the computer and place in downloaded section from phone disconnect from pc and the open download and boom you have flash however you need 2.2 as far as i know and i do have that downloaded as well need anything else keep posting i'll be back soon

  • droid dude

    I heard that flash will be up and running by Aug 18th. Verizon rolled out a few 2.2 ota updates as a test run and those people reported a few problems with the new OS and flash. That’s why they delayed it. At least that’s what I’ve been hearing.

  • libby

    Can't find my corporate calendar after doing the update. Anyone that can help?

    • GJones123456

      they took it out

      • KAO

        Can anyone tell me how to get my corporate calendar back, I'm so upset?

        • John Mavricos

          Having the same problem. Have you gotten any help on this? any help would be appreciated.

          • Jessica

            Corporate calendar is blended into the regular one. Its like blackberry now. You can choose to hide all other calendars if you want. I love it because now launcher pro’s widget shows my corporate agenda. SWEET!!!

    • Jeromy

      how the hell can you sync your exchange calender anymore then???? This update sucks

      • Joshua

        The corporate calendar is now synced into the google calendar widget.

        • Rich

          There is no exchange setup function in the supposedly ‘merged’ calendar, only google mail. Am I missing something?

  • Bman

    anyone in Georgia got the update yet

    • Riot12

      no still waiting

  • Jeff

    I am not sure this update is worth it. Not only does it not include tethering/hotspot it also does NOT include Flash 10.1 and, apparently, you can't get it from either Adobe's site or the Market place. So, what are we getting other than 5 screens to clutter up and a slight improvement in performance? So far, this is a bust. Hopefully Adobe and Verizon will get their act together and give us Flash 10.1 like the Sprint users got last week.

    • Guest

      First the Hotspot/Tethering feature and now Flash? Those are the two main features Android comes with. Hopefully we will get Flash soon. The Droid 2 has WiFi Hotspot feature and USB Tethering. I'm sure it will probably receive Flash as the same time as the Original Droid. People have been waiting for 2.2 for months. They keep removing features and it is very aggravating to most people. I hope Verizon will get Flash soon. Maybe even give the Original Droid USB Tethering, but I highly doubt that will happen. Haven't actually got 2.2, but I hope I will get it soon.

      • droid user

        Flash is supposed to be released on the android market on the 18th

  • halodroid

    If uve read any news (mainly the teardown, and the excerpt from the spokesperson lol) u know that droid 2 is not really any diff than its older sibling. Being a consumer and a happy user I am still greatly disappointed with no hotspot/tethering with the update, and I think I say this for everyone that we know were not getting it in hopes that we just go purchase a new handset so we get that capability. When we can just root the phone and use utilize all the perks they say the milestone is not capable of. Kinda ummmmmm, ironic. F U verizon.

  • Steve B

    I use my 3G connection with PDANET on my droid to go on the internet on my laptop.. Will I still be able to do so with 2.2 ???

    • Jim Quick

      Don't know if you will even need to. I have the update and USB tethering is listed in the setting menu. I used PDANET, it it was great, but a bit of a pain to set up. Hopefully this will be easier.

      • BNice

        The USB tethering in the settings menu requires an additional Verizon data plan.

        • Glenn

          PDANet is still needed on 2.2 and it still works

    • Jeff Droid

      Tethering is not present in the Verizon 2.2 update, but if you root your phone, there are apps available that enable it. πŸ˜‰ There is also a version of flash available (via google, not the market or Adobe directly) that installs and runs reasonably well on the original Droid with the Android 2.2 FRG01B release.

  • MammothGulch

    Still NO update in Colorado.

  • Steve`

    2.2 sucks. I now hate my droid. Flash doesn’t even work. They fu#$%ed with the vibrate mode. Useless. How do I go back to 2.1?

  • shawn

    No update in Idaho… if it is suppossed to be done by the 18th… They better hurry. Anyone hear if it got delayed again?

  • Robert Mclean

    We live in Louisianna and my wife got the update yesterday, but my phoone still didn't update. How is that? The 2.2 does not offer hotspot for the D1……

  • Anne

    Updates have started in Oregon, Although I havnt got it yet, my friend did..

  • Jason

    Wife just got the droid 2 and loves it I'm waiting on the update for my moto droid hoping it will improve speed and functionality.

  • jarvis

    @steve…..i use the pdanet and i have the 2.2 now and it does still work

  • jarvis

    anyone get the update in NY?

  • Karen Lu

    I got the update but after the screenshot you see above, my phone is stuck on the motorola symbol and hasn't gone past that screen.

    • larry

      same here I'm stuck on that screen as well

    • KateH

      In NY, I am having the same issue. No where does it say how long this update takes. My phone has been stuck on the Motorola logo screen for over an hour. Someone above said their update took about an hour. Has everyone else experienced an hour or longer?

      • vanessa

        update took about 2 minutes…calendar disappeared though…

      • Faith

        Me too. I started my update last night at about 8pm NYC time. It’s now 5:20am and it’s STILL on the Motorola screen. Worst part is, i even tried removing the battery and putting it back in, and it’s still won’t go past the Motorola icon, and I have to get on a plane in three hours. :-/

  • Ron

    I got the update notice, clicked update now – it downloaded- rebooted then froze on the Motorola M Logo. I was in a place where I could not get to a store for 2 days, only to find out they cannot/will not help other than allowing me to use my wife's upgrade for a new phone, costing me $199. So the "here's something for your trouble", customer retention best foot forward they offer is that upgrade (which I could do anytime now, anyway) and about $13 for paying for data/phone for approx 3 days when I wasn't able to use it. Lame.

  • Wonder Womani

    I know my pix and contacts are backed up, but are my apps going to be erased when I do the OTA?

  • Brian

    This new update is terrible. These companies should let real people plan the updates instead of these brain dead engineers. I

  • Mark

    Called Verizon on Tuesday the 17th as my update failed. They could not get it to resend and suggested buying a Droid 2 for $200 or download off a secondary web site. I said no and they passed me on to Motorola. Motorola was unable to do anything except say wait 3 days and call back. Looks like any backup or service for the original Droid is dead. Friday if no update I will cancel my 3 phones and broadband. Nice way to treat a 11 year customer.


    • MammothGulch

      You need to call and B!TCH. That's all. Just curse out the first guy and ask for his manager, then curse him out and he will send you a new Droid2.

      • Andreoid


        Having been a customer service rep before, I can assure you that “cursing out” the sales rep will get you nowhere. That gives them AMPLE evidence and documentation that you are being unreasonable and irate. Then they don’t have to help you, and if its documented that you “cursed them out” the BBB will not accept your case.

        Maybe this has worked for you in the past, but please for the sake of everyone, be nice. The last thing people need is more anger/hate in the world. Kill’em with kindness. And yes, it is ok to ask for a manager, politely.

  • Mark

    I updated, but still no flash. Didn't really need extra screens for apps, but it does seem like the OS runs faster now. I keep reading about how the original Droid is supposed to get flash "this year" but it's looking less and less likely. I will definitely upgrade to the Droid 2 for the wi-fi hotspot feature.

  • Carlos

    I got the update in GA.

  • Leonard

    Regarding my previous posting saying that the Droid update slowed the phone to a crawl, and things did not work right: After some time, about an hour, everything began working OK. Apparently, the new operating system took some time to get itself adjusted.

  • david

    Still waiting in Nasville, TN

  • Eric

    I talked to verizon today to find out where flash was since numerous sources said it would be at the app store today (8/18). The lady at tech support had no idea that it wasn’t included in the OTA 2.2 update. She placed me on hold, and contacted Motorola. After about 20 min, I was told that we may see it in October, and I stress may. I’m done with the Droid and Motorola, and if verizon keeps up their crap, I will be done with them too. Its like dealing with Obama, nothing but lies!

  • Jon

    Okay y'all… I'm going to let you know some information on the Froyo 2.2 update for the Original Droid. First of all, this is an update that enables you to use a little more umph for your phone. It is NOT to make your Droid just like the Droid 2 OR the Droid X! People have been commenting on the update saying that it has made their battery life worse and their phone doesn't support FLASH on all the websites. Well, ALL websites don't neccessarily support the use of FLASH… and if the person's phone didn't allow the update, then they were probably downloading too much crap they didn't check into thuroughally before allowing it onto their phones. Personally, I have had just as good… if not better… battery life on my Droid since the 2.2 update.

    • beth

      My battery life has been crashing out, but i think its because of my app killer losing efficiency with the upgrade? does that make sense? more apps that I dont want running at all times are because the app killer isnt actually turning them off (examples: twidroyd,

  • Jon

    Also, I have noticed fasted installs and updates for my regular applications. The main thing to remember with this update for your favorite phone today is this… Treat your phone just as good as you would your personal computer. The more you do on it, the more you need to be careful and respect your equipment. People expecting to be able to just download whatever they want to the phone should just be cautious! On the lighter side of life… this update has been completely successful and works fantastically well! Bravo to the Android teams, and all of the software engineers out there today pushing forward. The future is bright and we can all expect to see wonderul things on the horizon! Love Jon!

  • Nick Nixon

    The update has started in texas…. still waiting…. my mom got the update this morning and were on the same plan

  • kirk

    anyone have the update in cali ?

  • dave in NC

    I have seen 6 different droids, around me, receive the update and I am still waiting.

  • adam

    no update in FL yet. but from the previous posts, I may not want to.

  • emily

    Since the update, I can’t access applications past the letter g on the menu page….please help!

  • lenn

    Still no update on mine in east Alabama… πŸ™

  • pissed

    My brother got it this morning and I still haven’t and its only an hour till its the 19.. should I be worried about not getting it?

  • MammothGulch

    Still no 2.2 in Colorado.

  • Justin

    I just updated my phone to 2.2 and now it’s frozen on the Motorola “M” screen. I’ve tried taking the battery out and putting it back in, but when i turn it back on, it just freezes again. please help

  • leah

    Still waiting. Live in NY but visiting Maine. Anyone know if I need to do anything special to get update since I’m now on Extended Network?

  • Dan

    I’m in Central Virginia. 540 Area Code.
    Installed the update this morning (8/19/2010) on my way to work. without issues.
    After updating, I can see that I got Build Number FRG01B, which I believe is the flawed update Verizon stopped sending two weeks ago. I guess I’ll have to wait for the “Security Update” which will change the Build Number to FRG22. Maybe that will happen next month! One can only hope!

    Someone said the Flash app would show up in the Market on the 18th, however it’s now the 19th and still no Adobe Flash….

    I very much dislike the fact that the Corporate Calendar and Personal Calendar are now combined into one app/widget.

    So far, the much anticipated 2.2 update has been severely disappointing.

  • steph

    Seriously HATE the new update. I wish I could undo it.

    • Ed

      Agree with you, Steph. Did the update this afternoon, and now vibrate doesn’t work, I had to re-boot because it wouldn’t hang up a telephone call, and I had to re-boot another time because no matter what feature I tried to access, I got the browser. I don’t want to know what other disasters await…I want to undo this!!!

  • Jesse

    Anyone else having update issues? I’m in Minneapolis and received the available update today and it has been on the start up screen (/\/\) for well over an hour now? Starting to get annoyed, any input greatly appreciated.

  • Jon

    If anyone out there is using Swype on their Android, be warned that it currently is not compatible with Android 2.2. You can still text using swype but the “swype text input” method no longer functions…AT ALL. I’ve emailed swype to determine if there are any planned updates but have not heard anything yet.

    • Gefroh

      jon, I did the straight from google download the other week, and had the same issue. I installed swype peered off, pulled the battery, put it back in and rebooted, then waited about a half hour and reinstalled swype. Has worked ever since.

  • Sherri

    What is up with this new update. I cannot make calls. I cannot text. It is slow. It takes forever to access anything. My touch sensitivity is completely our of wack. It is causing force close on almost all of my apps. It keeps locking up the phone. Then it turns it off or I have to remove the battery and start over. I am out of town and use my phone for 99% of my contact with my company and family. I cannot have this happening.

    • Mark

      I downloaded the verizon update to my droid yesterday before reading these comments, and have had no problems whatsoever, other than missing my corporate calendar. Sorry to hear about all those who are having trouble with their upgraded-trashed phones. Maybe it helps to be living in Silicon Valley.

  • UnleashSS

    Wow, you people bitch so fucking much about “OMG FLASH ISN’T ON ANDROID 2.2 FUCK VERIZON” and “OMG, I HAVE 5 HOME SCREENS I DON’T EVEN NEED.” First of all, maybe you should all root your phones and you wouldn’t even have this problem. I’ve had Android 2.2 WAAAAAAAY before it even came out (BuglessBeast v1.3) and Flash 10.1, as well as Hot-spot functionality. So your best bet is to just root your phone, and not be scared of fucking it up. Trust me, it’s way better than dealing with this “OTA 2.2” bullshit that sucks ass. By the way, the Android 2.2 OTA update bricked (destroyed, doesn’t boot up, froze on logo) a LOT of people’s HTC EVO’s with Sprint. So I’d be careful if I were you.

    Those of you stuck on the “Motorola M” logo or “Droid” eye, it just means your phone is stuck in a BOOTLOOP. EIther because, when the update got installed, it failed to wipe data/cache. All you have to do is reboot into Recovery mode, wipe data/cache and redownload it again. Problem SOLVED! No need to bitch out Motorola, or Verizon for a new phone, or whatever the fuck you you’re complaining about without FIRST doing research on what’s wrong with it.

    • Tammy

      I also got the “m” once the download complete and by no means and bitching because it happened, I understand their are flaws in all systems. My problem is it was after closing time for all stores, I am without a phone until I take it to a store and I have to spend MY time and gas to fix their mess up. If there was going to be issues just like with anything else new they need to have a better way to resolve it then to make their customers inconvenienced. That is all…

  • skeeter

    and guess what there unleashss…your little advice after your rant didnt work. so obviously your research didnt work either

  • Glenn

    So far i hate the new software, since i’ve downloaded it, pandora radio flickers and needs to be reset all the time. Also when i receive calls, pandora does not turn off so i can answer the phone, so far the upgrade sucks.

    • Andreoid

      That’s a Pandora glitch, not the OS. Have you tried uninstall/reinstall?

  • Jess

    How do i shut off the auto correct with the new software????

  • Lesley

    Got the new update last night. Had no problems with download. The problem I am finding today is “where the heck did the mount button go”? I hooked my phone on to my pc and turned on usb storage…was going to try and transfer some photos over but it keeps saying i have no SD card and I know there was an option to mount on the old version. Had anyone else had this problem.

  • Amber

    i just downloaded and my Droid sucks now! what was once a super fast phone is now beyond slow and foreclosing EVERYTHING i open. WTF i used to love my phone. someone please tell me this is only temporary.

  • Deb

    Since the update, my email is whacked….It updates every 5 minutes no matter what I do. I try to change the frequency, ringtone, notification status and it keeps changing back. The advanced task killer doesn’t work anymore either….I can’t make it stop. Any ideas?

    • beth

      having the same problems.. if you figure it out… i would love to hear how

  • Andreoid

    I downloaded the update manually from Google’s server (the FRG01B build) on August 3rd, and had many of the same problems people here were having about initial laggy, slow loads, vibrate problems, but after about a week, I’m not sure why, it got better. My only theory is many of the apps out there are being reworked for 2.2 and some of the older programs might be conflicting. My only problem now is that the music stops randomly after anywhere from 8-50 minutes of play. Weird. Otherwise I can’t complain.

    People looking for flash:

    Search for the beta .apk file and install it. Mine works fine πŸ™‚

  • Nickie

    Got the update this morning (in FL) and I hate it – some of my app icons disappeared and the only way to get to those apps now is to do a manual search πŸ™ A complete PITA…

  • david

    Got my update this morning in Nashville.

  • AltCtlDel

    Those who are getting the updates from 8/18 through today, could you check in the About Phone and see what Build Number is listed and then post it? Some people have gotten FRG01b and some have gotten FRG22. What did you get?

  • Derek

    I really hate the update. I don’t like the new screen, typing is slower messaging is messed up. Its all annoying. I want my phone back the way it was. It seriously worked better. Is there any way to undo this? I no longer love my phone. I can’t even see this screen as I’m typing πŸ™

  • Stacey

    I have my update, I got it the 14th and haven’t had any trouble with it. However, I have a friend who is still waiting for her update and its now the 22nd….

  • jessica

    I was so excited to get my 2.2 update on my droid and i fnally got it and was so excited to download it. I did and I HAAAAAAAATE IT! Its terrrrrrrible! My phone freezes, everything forces closed all the time, its ooo slow. Ugh i hate it so bad im seeing if verizon can take the update off! Its the worst thing ever!

  • sara

    ever sincethe 2.2 update on my original motorola droid my phone will not vibrate ! i called and spoke to verizon and the only way to get it to vibrate without ALWAYS vibrating is to reset the whole phone to manufacturers setting

  • Bugged_2.2_OS

    The Android 2.2 OS was pushed out to my Moto Droid on August 18th. The install was successful with no problems BUT now that it is installed, I have not been able to sync to my Exchange server since then. Because of that, I have not been able to received corporate email or view my corporate calendar. My corporate calendar is not combined with my Gmail calendar. My personal Gmail calendar items are intact but corporate is nowhere to be found.

    I went to my local VerizonWireless store to complain and the support rep tried to play off the problem at first. He tried telling me that I needed to speak with my IT Department because they must have changed something with the firewall. I said there was nothing changed and that I am the IT Department. He then said he does not understand why this happened and insisted I speak with my IT Department. I told him I already consulted with myself and there were not any changes so he needs to give me a better answer.

    All of a sudden, he remembered that oh my Droid had version 2.2 build FRG01B which was the first half of the build. Motorola will release build FRB22 which will fix issues with the first build. The rep had the same problem that I had but he got build FRB22 on the next day as an employee. He also said that part of the problem with the first build had to do with syncing to Exchange. The store rep said that he could try a hard reset on my Droid to see if that would work. It did not work of course meaning that the same FRG01B build was downloaded again to my phone. He then said I would need to wait for build FRB22 to be pushed out (he had no idea when it would be available) and that I could not go back to version 2.1. I told him that this was so ridiculous that Motorola would do this and that Verizon would allow this to happen to customers.

    So at this point the sole reason that I purchased this smart phone (which required the data plan) was to sync my corporate email, calendar and contacts. Those services/functions were taken away with this update. This is extremely disappointing. I’ve raved about the Moto Droid over other smart phones and now because Motorola decided to treat its customers like crap (by releasing this product with known bugs that affected important functions) I’ve decided to take a step back on my word of mouth promotion (aka free advertisement) of the Motorola Droid and any other Motorola products.

    How can Motorola say it wants to be the best in smart phones compared to Blackberry and the iPhone but do this to its customers? Motorola knowingly puts out a defective update without warning its customers and giving them a choice to wait for a final product.

    Exchange/Corporate email is extremely important in my line of business and some not so smart executive person at Motorola decided its not that important, just push it out. Oh and don’t tell the customers that something as important as syncing their corporate email and calendar will not be available until whenever we get around to it.

  • Chris

    How do I unlock the screen? remove the need for a password?

  • Glenn

    Haven’t had a problem for the past week and a half that I have had the update installed…. Today I wake up and find my phone frozen. I took out the battery, put it back in. turned on my phone for it to work for about a minute and lock up again…. Tried this several times and finally got it to work for more than a minute to find out I had 5 voice mails that I can’t check because the phone won’t stop locking up. Why it started doing this today I have no clue. I use my phone for business and will be visiting the Verizon store in my area with my lawyer with me. If they don’t do something about it then I have him as a witness so I can file a lawsuit against them as I use my phone to run business and their messed up update is now costing me money!

  • Notlikingthis

    After the 2.2 update my Droid has freak the F out!!! The touchscreen is on speed and its acting like Im tap dancing all over it on crack! It is spamming gibberish to my friends and ever managed to buy an app from the randowm spazm touching it thinks is happening. I end up having to pull the battery and even then it old calms down for a minute or two before taking on a mind of its own. I have looked on the net and cant find anything about this, however I had a verizon person tell me the something was wrong with 2.2 and that they were going to send out another update to fix the issue but they couldnt tell me when. So now I have a phone I have to keep turned off so it doesnt do something on its own or run up my bill with a zillion text messages of gibberish or app buying. Anyone else hear of this?

    • mandy

      I have had many problems too. My original Incredible was updated on the 1st. I could no longer access the internet after my 2.2 update HTC had me do a factory reset of the phone but it did not work either. Verizon sent me a new phone today and after it was updated the phone charged for a few hours I made a call and my phone died and would not reboot. I went back to the store and they eventually gave me a new out of the box phone that still has 2.1. I refuse to ruin a 3rd phone in one week because of this faulty update.

    • Lee

      You described it much better than I could have done. I received an update today 9/15 and then my phone went berserk. It is really scary watching it laying on my desk doing an exorcism on its own. Anything resolved???

  • ed

    I got the update yesterday. No problems at all. I did make sure that i had very little apps installed on the phone before the update. it seems to me (by reading the comments on this website and others) that the problems lie in the apps that might not yet be compatible with 2.2. My phone is working fine and i am loving it.

  • Ross

    Does anyone know if the 2.2 has the capability of putting the contact list in alohabetical order by last name?

    I hear that it was gong to but have not seen this capacity

  • Lee

    Was notified on my Droid that there was a new upgrade downloaded today to my phone if FL. Since then my phone dials numbers randomly. Can’t access email or when it does can’t enter my code or exit the call. Randomly enters numbers and letters into text messages.

  • alan

    Ill be taking my attorney to the store and getting out of my contract and switching to sprint. They misrepresented the merchandise, the service, and future service. They replaced an effective operating system with a lesser one, they removed services, and generally lied and shortchanged me and thousands of others. Ill be signing up for the class action lawsuit when it comes around too. Phuck verizon.

  • Joelpub

    Are there really that many lawyers that have nothing better to do than go to Verizon with you just so you can piss and moan that you don’t like the service you’re getting? Did any of you really convince a lawyer to go with you?

  • adtza

    Good news for Motorola DROID owners. A new software update for Droid, the FRG830 will be released in the next few hours. See here the entire list of improvements

  • remy

    hi, how to reset hard sharp sh7218u? plese help, my emeil is

  • Sue

    It took three phone replacements to finally get this current one that actually works. Well did until this recent update that I hear was so wanted. Now with this upgrade I can’t type out a text or sent. It cancels its self out and thats about it. Texting is what I do most and so this is quite upsetting. Any suggestions would be great.

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