Dell to update the Streak to Android 2.2, skip over Eclair in the US?

The Dell Streak made a splash when it was announced in May and was regarded as a “must-have” for Android tablet fans. Unfortunately, this splash turned into a belly flop when the Streak launched last week with the ancient Android 1.6 and a $550 off-contract price for a device that is SIM-locked to AT&T. Though the Streak has garnered a fair amount of attention, its reputation has been slightly tarnished due to these two disappointing features. While the SIM-lock may be difficult to overcome without AT&T’s cooperation, the OS situation is easily rectified with an OTA update to a more recent version of the mobile OS.

According to Dell’s Lionel Menchaca, the American manufacturer may be redeeming the Streak in a big way by skipping over Eclair and rolling out Android 2.2 (Froyo) to the tablet device in the US. No word on the timeframe for this update but with Froyo hitting handsets en masse, Dell would be wise to push the release out as soon as possible. The upgrade path for the European Streak is unknown but we would be very surprised if Dell upgraded its US model and left its European counterpart in the dust bin.

Though exciting, this news should be considered tentative as Menchaca notes that situation is “complicated” and the “current plan” is to jump to Froyo. This wording leaves wiggle room for Dell to change its decision regarding Froyo versus Eclair. Hopefully, this Froyo plan stays in place and all you Streak owners, both current and future, can enjoy the goodness that is Android 2.2.

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  • Scott Deagan

    Nice hardware being sorely let down by sub-standard OS. Dell may have done more damage to future sales than good by rushing into this new exciting tablet space. I purchased a Steak and really regret it. The software feels sluggish and unit is often crashing. I feel that I’ve been suckered into purchasing a prototype device. By the time Dell issue a 2.1 update there will be better choices out there.

  • James Beck

    I purchase the Dell Streak, mistake,mistake. I should have know when I receive it with v1.6 and no update insight. I guess well know who got a big laugh. I’ve had mines for all of 5 day, now they want a restock fee., 15%.
    Here’s the kicker the update to v 2.1 or 2.2 unknown,maybe sometime in the future. I guess this is their way of saying, “you are expecting 3.0, later, hahaha”. File this under FAIL.

  • X-Man

    What are you smoking? You can already update to 2.1 if you want, and root the device if you so choose. Just go to the Streak Smart website and it will show you how to do it.

    You are a loser poser troll.

    • X-Man

      BTW, my comments are meant for James Beck and Scott Deagan.

  • Llessur

    I traded my Captivate for a Dell Streak over the weekend. I absolutely LOVE this thing! Screen is massive, it’s very peppy, and it does everything so elegantly. This phone is much faster than the Captivate IMO. Sure the Captivate has better graphics for high end games, but I don’t care about that.

    This phone != fail. This phone is greatness!!!!!

  • Mike

    I absolutely love the Streak. Coming from my BB Bold, this was the upgrade of a lifetime. I understand those of you who are disappointed with the 1.6 release and this post isn’t to dilute those feelings. I would like to add that as a first time Android owner and not having been exposed to ‘the better life’ , the O.S. on this phone is amazing!

  • Thomas

    I just got a streak, and I really like it. Coming from an iphone 3g running 3.x. Even with android 1.6, I like it better than the (oldish) iphone I had. Definitely looking forward to the android upgrade though. I hope they do that sooner than later. I have personally seen no problem with sluggishness. It *has* rebooted on me twice in as many days. As far as the phone’s size goes, I am a tall guy, and I have enormous hands. So the phone fits in my hands fine. I hated the iphone (before I got a juicepack) because it felt so tiny. I rather wish the streak was thicker, though. Battery life is the best of any stock smartphone I have had, but I will likely get an extended battery, again like every other smartphone I have had.

  • Freddieboy

    Have had Captivate since 7/15. Very fast phone with OS 2.1, killer screen & features. Has major GPS problem.
    Gave to wife, she love’s it. Purchased Streak on pre-order, arrived 8-17. Since I had used OS 2.1 on Captivate,
    really missed several features, especially keyboard, dial pad & upgraded camera software, along with a few other
    minor features. Its definitely NOT a phone to text with going down the road, hard to use with one hand, oh well.
    Have used bluetooth for years on iPhone’s so size matters not. Chrisp screen, with good resolution, actually fairly
    fast. Will be glad to get @ least OS 2.1, will help improve several features considerably. 2.1 seems more smooth
    than 1.6. Usually use Voice Connect & send Voice Clip, don’t have to touch phone. Looking forward to BT voice activated dialing on OS 2.2..For now use AT&T’s voice connect with redial ability *08, then just tell her what I want, weather, voice clip, voice dial etc. Great batt. life, tough Corning Gorilla Glass Screen, screen touch a little to sensitive, along with Capacitive buttons. Will fit n pocket, even with Wallett cover. Haven’t picked up docking station yet with HDMI, USB & LINE OUT. In general very good iTab/phone. Does everything it was designed to do & more, but does take getting use to. The more u use it & longer u have it, the better u like it.

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