Sony PSP Ad Makes Fun of Apple iPhone: “Built for texting your grandma”

There’s no doubt that Apple has some hot games in its iTunes app market, and it has even taken some jabs at the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. Oh, but Apple, these companies are dedicating gaming folks and you’re stepping a little out of your league. Sure, you might have other mobile platforms beat in the gaming department, but come on!

Sony decided to answer the call and take Apple to school with the following ad:

Pretty funny there, Sony. But it’s true: mobile games on the iPhone can’t ever really match up with those on the PSP despite having less games than the iPhone. Angry Birds is fun and all, but I’d much rather be blowin’ stuff up on Metal Gear Solid. Maybe that’s just me.

[Via: Kotaku]

  • antonio

    You know why Sony is making this ad? Because it´s just you and a few more…

  • Duane in Fremont

    Funny thing is he "Marcus" has to pull out his flip phone to call "Josh." I know they are suggesting Josh is using an iPod touch, but obviously Josh could play the same games on his iPhone. If Josh and Marcus both had iPhones they could play games AND call each other on the same device and Marcus wouldn't have to hold two devices. In ways it makes the PSP look lacking to the iPhone/touch and weakens Sony's point.

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