Yahoo optimizes Mail for Apple iPad

Apple iPhone gets revamped Yahoo Mail with HTML5

Apple iPhone gets revamped Yahoo Mail with HTML5If you’re sick of using the Apple iPad default mail client, you’ll be happy to know that Yahoo has revamped its web version to play well with the “magical” tablet.

According to Yahoo, the new version for the Apple iPad rocks because:

Faster and more reliable: If you’re offline, Yahoo! Mail uses local caching capabilities to help you access and search your messages even without an internet connection.

Smart: You can find and organize your messages using Full Search, personal folders and Smart Folders with messages from your most important contacts and optimized views for photos and file attachments.

Feature Rich: View rich photo attachments in their full form, or as previews directly in the inbox view. Also includes a dual-pane view to make reading and organizing a breeze.


It’s an interesting move by Yahoo and you can check out the new version by using Safari and going to It’s tough to think of reasons to use the web version over the integrated client but you could keep this open in a tab and then jump back and forth between your mail and other online content.

The Apple iPad should be getting some form of multitasking later this year with the iOS 4 update, which should make it easier to hop between the native mail client and your browser. Still, it’s good to see Yahoo experimenting with HTML5 and optimizing its experience for mobile devices.

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