Google: developer allotment of Nexus One handsets now sold out

Image of the Google Nexus One, made by HTC, all sides visible

Image of the Google Nexus One, made by HTC, all sides visible

For the time being, the unlocked Nexus One is no longer available from Google. Sad but true, Google made the announcement in a late night post on its Android developers blog. Available since January, the self-proclaimed superphone was recently pulled from retail sales and made available to developers as an unlocked testing platform. The handset proved to be quite popular; so popular that is has sold out and is on backorder from HTC.

Google promises that it is working hard with HTC to replenish supply but notes that the world is experiencing a worldwide shortage in AMOLED displays. Supply of the HTC Incredible and the EVO 4G have been severely impacted by this shortage and HTC is reportedly replacing the AMOLED display in these handsets with Super LCDs. Let’s hope a similar substitution can be made on the Nexus One; otherwise, we may be waiting a long time for this handset to re-appear.

[Via Google Android Developers blog]

  • leonffs

    Uh, the Evo 4G doesn’t use an AMOLED screen, it has an LCD screen. So I doubt the amoled shortage has anything to do with the Evo shortage.

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