Pinball Magic Turns your iPhone into a Working Pinball Machine!

Pinball Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch

Pinball Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch

I’m a bit of a pinball fan. Always have been. Not sure what it is about the big old archaic machines… if it’s the nostalgia of them, or the bright colors and blinking lights (ok, it’s the bright colors and blinking lights)… but I just love me a good game of pinball. Same goes for today’s technology as well. I have more than a few pinball apps on various devices in my arsenal, and I’m not about to stop. If you’re like me, and enjoy you some good pinball action, the Pinball Magic arcade cabinet for iPhone and iPod Touch is one you’re probably going to want to pick up.

Priced at $39.99, the cabinet turns your iPhone into an actual pinball machine. Slide your device in, and your screen is now the playfield, with a white plastic ‘cabinet’ surround in-place. There’s a plunger, flipper buttons, even a backlit LED display and Tilt detector. To make everything work, you can dock your iPhone in the cabinet, and even download the Pinball Magic app. Once installed, all of the functions of the cabinet will work just like on a real machine (within the Pinball Magic app, of course!). For realz yo.

Apparently this can be picked up at Best Buy (in the US… haven’t seen one up here in Canada)… kinda cool. I’m waiting for an iPad-sized version of one of these bad boys. Not sure that I’d ever use it, but the novelty and joy that may come out of the ONE time I use the thing could be worth it.

Pinball Magic Cabinet ($39.99) [NewPotatoTech link]

Pinball Magic App (Free) [iTunes link]

Note: If you’re crazy (like a fox) and pick one of these up… feel free to drop me a line or hit me up on Twitter (@JamesFalconer). I love retro-gaming gear like this!

[Via: TouchArcade]

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