PSA: Free iPad phishing scam circulating on Twitter and Facebook

Remember that old adage “if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is” ? This sagacious statement should be applied to the latest giveaway scam hitting Twitter and Facebook. This¬†traditional phishing scam tempts users with the promise of a free iPad and provides these very sketchy details “u have to check out this website its glitchin right now and sending out ipads to everyone for free!”.

These messages are apparently sent from hacked Twitter or Facebook accounts and are especially dangerous as they appear to come from trusted friends. The link contained within this malicious tweet or Facebook message points to, a website which provides access to promotional offers from legitimate companies in exchange for personal information. Don’t be fooled into giving up your contact information for cash savings as any personal details that you provide will be used for malicious purposes.

Twitter and Facebook are reportedly aware of the circulating scam and are taking steps to contain it. Twitter warned users via its @safety account and have reset the passwords of hacked accounts. Facebook confirmed that this scam is “affecting an extremely small percentage of people on Facebook, but we take all threats seriously”. While this mess gets cleaned up, resist the allure of a free iPad from suspect sources and, whatever you do, please don’t enter personal information into unknown websites.

[Via PC World]

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