Apple introduces its new Apple TV with Netflix streaming, 99-cent rentals

At its big press event today, Apple introduced its next generation Apple TV. As expected, the new Apple TV will retain the branding of its predecessor and will not be dubbed the iTV as rumored. As shown above, rhis next generation TV device will be significantly smaller and quieter than the previous model. The unit includes an HDMI port, 802.11n WiFi connectivity, a power connector, and an external remote. A simple design that lends itself to a simple and easy setup.

Unlike its competition, the new Apple TV will be based on a rental model and will not offer downloads, obviating the need for internal storage. Rental prices will be reasonable- $4.99 for a 1st run HD movie and $0.99 for commercial-free television episodes. The Apple TV will also allow you to stream content between the Apple TV and other devices including the Mac and PC. Using the AirPlay feature on the iPad, you can also send content from the iPad to the Apple TV.

Internet options are abundant and you can view media content from YouTube, Mobile Me, and Flickr. Good news for all your podcast junkies as podcast streaming is also supported. Last but not least, the new Apple TV will come bundled with Netflix. Jobs threw down the gauntlet by claiming the Apple TV will feature a user interface that will beat all other Netflix platforms. That means you, Xbox 360.

Apple TV will launch in five countries including the US, UK, Germany, France, and Australia. The Apple TV will debut later this month (pre-order starts today) for the unexpectedly low price of $99, a $130 discount over the current Apple TV model. Now that all the details are finally revealed about this updated and overhauled AppleTV, who is going to take the plunge?

[Via Apple]

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