LG Optimus Pad Android tablet to launch in September?

LG Invite for the Optimus Pad on September 14th
LG Invite for the Optimus Pad on September 14th

We jut saw the Optimus Pad a couple of days ago, and now we’re hearing that the tablet may make its debut sometime this month! The guys over at Pocket-Lint received an invite from LG regarding the tablet, slated for September 14th.

The picture above is much better than the one we’d seen prior, and we’ve got to say, it looks like one sexy device. Way to go, LG. While we still have no idea what is underneath the hood of the tablet, I remain hopeful that LG will do us a solid and make the Optimus Pad worth while. The September date is a little soon, we think, and believe that the device will likely become available sometime in October, at the soonest. This certainly falls in line with previous rumors that an LG Android tablet will be launched in Q4 of this year.

I’d expect the tablet to come with at least Android 2.2 Froyo, and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see the Tegra2 processor we’ve seen on the spec sheets of many upcoming tablets. The display on the picture above looks quite narrow, and we’re not sure if LG is going for a BL40 look to the thing or not, but it may be nice to have a widescreen view when watching videos on the thing. That said, how gaming and e-books will translate onto such a screen may be up for question, as Marc pointed out.

I’m really surprised with the design of the tablet and really didn’t think that LG would come up with such design – It’s too nice to believe they did it. LG has made some nice looking devices before, but lately it looks like many of their smartphones either had been over designed, or just thrown together without a second look. The Optimus Pad is here to set that record straight and to prove that LG can make great looking hardware. Now if we only had some specifications to see if the innards are as sexy as the outside, then we’d be happy campers.

If this proves to be a killer Android tablet, would you pick one up before the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

[Via: Pocket-Lint]

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