Sticker shock: Samsung Galaxy Tab to retail for an astonishingly high €699 ($895)?

Samsung Galaxy Tab press photo

Samsung Galaxy Tab Expansys

Lesson number one: when you release a hot, new device like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you really should set the pricing details before the big announcement and include this information in the first official press release. Failure to disclose the pricing will lead to rampant speculation and the reputation of your device may be tarnished in the process.

Such is the case with the pricing fiasco that has developed around the Samsung Galaxy Tab. While Samsung set a launch date of mid-September for Europe, the Korean company failed to even hint at the price point for this premiere device. Retailers eager to carry the Galaxy Tab have thrown up placeholder pages with details on the Galaxy Tab, including the anticipated price point. Popular online retailer Expansys has the Galaxy Tab pegged at an astounding £680 ($1,050) for the 16GB version, while French blog Journal du Geek suggests a slightly less, but still inflated €699 ($895) price tag.

Equally eager wireless carriers like O2 Germany have moved to Twitter as an outlet for official information and tweeted that the Galaxy Tab will cost €759 ($972), a price tag that includes a €99 ($127) deposit and a €27.50 ($35) per month tariff for a minimum of two years. Samsung is trying to defuse this situation by pointing out that the official price has not been announced and these figures are mere speculation. Despite this assurance, the Korean manufacturer has reportedly announced the MSRP for Sweden which and the supposedly confirmed pricing comes in at an expensive SEK 9,000 with VAT ($1240 which includes $310 in VAT taxes).

Unfortunately for Samsung, these high figures will remain in circulation until the Korean company steps forward to clarify the pricing. I am hoping that Samsung will debunk these inflated prices and introduce pricing more in line with the $500 price tag of the Apple iPad. If Samsung is indeed committed to Android and has a cornucopia of tablets planned for 2011, then it would be wise to kick off this new lineup of products with a sexy, yet affordable device. Then again, this may be wishful thinking on my part and we may see the Galaxy Tab land with a price tag that is floating around $800-$900. Anyone else care to speculate?

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  • pax

    I was thinking about getting two of these but not any more unless I skip my mortgage & car payments and go hungry for a month. Well, by then there won’t be a chance of bying even one. I’ll either be homeless, jobless without a car or dead not having eaten for a month!!. Yikes

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