Now or Later: When will the Motrola Droid X receive Android 2.2 (Froyo)?

Motorola Droid X with Froyo
Motorola Droid X with Froyo

Droid-Life posted an interesting article over the long weekend regarding the ‘Froyo’ status of the Motorola Droid X. From the rumors below, the Droid X could very well be receiving the Android 2.2 update as we speak, or it may have actually been delayed all together.

Two polar opposite rumors hit DL’s inbox, and they tell the tale of two different times for this one update.  The first rumor says that the Droid X Froyo update has been rolling out since late last month, August 27th to be exact. Sound familiar? If it does, it’s because the Droid Incredible Froyo update began rolling out on that date, not the Droid X. If it was true that, in fact, the DX’s Froyo rollout began that day, why would Verizon confirm only the Droid Incredible?

Oddly enough, some guys over at Droid-Life called up Verizon’s customer service to get some sort of confirmation, and two were told by the representatives that the update was for the DX, and not the Incredible. We’re not terrible sure how to put this nicely, but Verizon customer service reps, apparently don’t have their sh*t together, because they’re obviously wrong. To be fair, customer service reps, as well as those who actually sell phones in store are usually the last to know anything. Having worked at T-Mobile, I can confirm that this is the case with T-Mobile.

Then there’s the other rumor, and it spins a sadder tale. Three different, unrelated tipsters are apparently saying that the DX Froyo update has been delayed for possibly two to three weeks due to Exchange issues. While immediately believing a tipster may not be something we do everyday, we at least know not to believe Verizon CS, and three different tipsters saying the same thing sounds pretty believable. Anyway, we’ve yet to hear any Droid X officially receiving a OTA that gives them the magical powers that is Froyo.

So what’s to be believed? I think we’re gonna stick with the latter rumor, as we’ve yet to see anything that contradicts it. Other than the less believable, first rumor.

Do you have a Droid X, and if so, have you received Froyo yet? We’d love to be wrong.

[Via: Droid-Life]

  • Patiently Waiting

    It’s OK, it’s not like I check 3 times a day to see if the update has rolled out. . . I mean, it’s early September already!

  • Pretty Upset

    Amazing…. after the hell that I went through to get my Droid X in the first place due to their lackluster release, now I have to wait even LONGER for the Froyo update that should have been installed with the phone anyway. Thanks Verizon. Thanks a lot!!!

    • Agreed

      You wrote exactly what I was thinking. Not to be impatient, but come on! Throw a bone to the Droid X users for once. At least tell us what the delay is.

    • Matthew Wehrly

      It could be worse:

      You could have waited 6 months only to find out that the nexus one wasn’t coming to Verizon.
      Waited to get the Incredible…on back order for over a month.
      Finally decided to go wait in the store for this phone so you don’t have to wait an entire month to get it.
      Pay $299 for it (so Verizon can get the interest on your $100 while you wait for your rebate)
      Get the phone home and out of the box and find out you can’t even uninstall the bullsh*t bloatware that Verizon put on a device that is championed as taking advantage of an OPEN os.

      oh wait…that is what happened to the thousands of Verizon customers (just like me). I won’t apologize for being impatient, I am sick and tired of Verizon screwing with stuff to make sure they can lock down features that should be out of the box. Oh yeah, thanks for the skype app Verizon, it is pointless for everyone with a skypein subscription.

      The best part, they don’t give a crap because they got your money and there is nothing you can do (aside from rooting your phone and potentially causing issues with further upgrades). If you want to see how something will fail, let Verizon roll it out.

  • I’ve seen the same conflicting rumor and also tend to believe the latter, too. It would be nice if Verizon would be proactive and inform customers of the status before the promised update timeframe comes and goes.

  • Mike

    Just a heads up… I’m sure some of this may be old news but I upgraded to the leaked 2.2 and I can confirm that there were some exchange issues. I would imagine these are the issues motorola is working on. So unfortunately I too believe the latter.

  • willycraig

    I don’t see why everybody gets so mad about this issue. Sure, Froyo will be amazing. Flash alone is a total game changer, but until it comes, just enjoy the fact that you still have the best phone on the market. Everybody wants to get mad at Verizon, but on July 15 after I walked into their store, I left with a phone better than any iPhone4 or any other android phone for that matter, and I love them for that. The Droid X still completely rules even with Eclair. Just enjoy what you’ve already got and be glad when it gets even better. At least Motorola isn’t rolling out a premature release full of issues *ahemHTC*

    • jeremy

      I totally agree. People are being way impatient and its a little sad that we can’t just appreciate what we have already. I love my dx and froyo will make it even better. I think its totally worth the wait.

    • James S

      I moved over to the Android smartphone after having an iPhone since it was first released. I have to say that I’m very happy with my leased device (it’s not really mine, since I can’t run my own ROM legally – but that is true of the whole market – back on topic…). What I’m becoming concerned about is the consistent slipping of dates, and the total lack of communication from either Motorola or Verizon. This makes me wonder how they are going to handle the much bigger release of 3.0, or more exactly, how they are going to bungle the release of 3.0.

      This is what I see for the future and I don’t like it at all: December: Android 3.0 is released by Google. Verizon issues statement saying that their latest phone that will be out in January will have Android 3.0 installed, all other phones will get Android before the summer of 2024 because we really don’t care about existing customers.

  • Bill

    The main reason I purchased the Droid X was the features promised in the upcoming Froyo 2.2 update.
    I am starting to regret that purchase already.

  • mrkpytn

    My guess is that the Froyo 2.2 update will be later……kind of ironic that I upgraded from the original Droid to the DX because I was foolish enough to believe that the Droid X would receive the 2.2 update long before the original Droid ever would. We have four of the original Droids in my household and one Droid X, and take a guess at who doesn’t have the 2.2 update……. If you guessed the Droid X you would be correct! Now don’t get me wrong, I still think the DX is an awesome phone…… but dragging out the Froyo 2.2 update on this phone is getting a little frustrating. If I knew that I could install the leaked version of 2.2 without screwing it up I would. Come on Verizon…… quit teasing us and just do it already!

    Another Droid X user without the Froyo 2.2 update….

  • Bubba

    I updated early and yes, there are exchange problems. This flawed build of Froyo still ROCKS. Just has kinks that need to be ironed out. Still, can’t wait for the OFFICIAL build. VZW really dropped the ball on this one.

  • Marin Perez

    Yeah, I was anxiously awaiting Froyo for the original Droid and I threw on the first build that leaked out and felt it was very “meh.” The official version came to another Droid I have (I have problems) and I was still kind of disappointed – it was nice but not the quantum leap I had been expecting. Maybe the Droid X and its stronger internals should make better use of Froyo but please don’t burn any calories worrying about this.

  • user01

    I’m eager for 2.2 but I’m hoping they are taking time to get fixes in for various even beyond Exchange…

    The Android bug tracker lists some real doozies that need attention such as bug/feature change to remove/change the behavior of phone’s silent and vibrate modes, SMS randomly deleting and/or sending multiple times, and inability to play .wav files that get attached as voicemails.

  • RaptorX

    Really, Motorola should step up the game a little. At the very least, and updated timeframe should be in order.

    As a side note, users like myself, upgraded to 2.2 on the X, will not have a problem getting the official update like Moto as said. the stock sbf file is around, and I have have tested it myself that it flashes over the 2.2 to get you back to stock.

    So all you with the 2.2 on the X, when the update comes out, just reflash and suck down the update.

    Fellow DX Owner.

  • I just got off the phone with Verizon customer service ( a floor manager) and he informed me that the Droid X update 2.2 has been rolling out for a week now. I asked 3 or 4 times, making sure he was not talking about the Incredible. Every time, he confirmed, yes, the Droid X. I then asked if it had begun rolling out, then why can I not find an official release online? It’s not like they will pull the official update off every site when it is already rolling out to customers. I see pulling a leaked version, but the official? So I am a little confused. Are they really just f***ing retarded at Verizon, or has ANYONE gotten this release? I myself will stay with Verizon being f***ink retarded. I cannot find an official release anywhere..

    If anyone has a good copy of the leaked version, I would love to get my hands on it. I would have had it sooner, but I just got my Droid X, and did not know I was going to have to deal with this. I want my flash, and HD camera fixes.

    PS. Can anyone confirm that with the 2.2 it has fixed the 2-5 small blue dots on the HD camera?

    email me if you have 2.2 and want to share:


    • RaptorX

      The blue dots are indeed fixed in 2.2, both in the camera and camcorder modes.

      There aren’t really any problems with the 2.2 on the Droid X, other than the first time you have to go to “navigate” through the maps app in order for the gps to work the first time you use it. If you go straight through navigation.. it will lock up saying “getting driving directions”. Also there is that glitch with the exchange portion. Other than that… and some text scrolling issues… its pretty good.

      I’ll see what I can do on a link.

  • I recently moved to Verizon (after 25+ days with Sprint) because my wife’s reception at home was poor. While with Sprint, I had an Evo on Froyo. I just got my Droid X yesterday and was disappointed to find it on 2.1 Eclair. I later realized it was not receiving calls, because my number didn’t port properly, so I called Technical Support. Over the course of the tech support call, I expressed my disappointment at the DX being on Eclair. The technician said that she just read something that showed that the Froyo update is supposed to be out by the end of summer (Sept. 22 – less than two weeks).

  • GPIslander

    For everyone who thought all the Google programming staff were stone cold geniuses, yet another fiasco that proves otherwise.

  • Bill Kisse

    Bill Kisse

    I was in the first batch of Droid X users and am also anxiously awaiting the update.

    In the meantime the device is fully functional (albeit without flash) and the best phone I’ve ever had.

    Frustrating to wait but let’s enjoy this marvel of technology while everyone just sits by the sidelines and knows we have the best phone on the market – the best at least for now!

    Droid X is a fabulous device!

    • Really?

      Do you really think other people care what cell phone you have? It’s not like everyone watches you walk by and says, “There goes big spender Bill and his amazing phone he bought fot $150!” Get a life.

  • Twat Burgers

    You twat burgers, phones come from manufacturers like Motorola or Samsung, Verizon just sells it. Go complain to the developers of the phone.

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