Google Instant Search for Mobile Coming This Fall

This morning, Google announced a new feature called Google Instant, and it basically does what the name implies. These days, “to Google” something has become a verb mostly meaning to search for something on the web. Add “instant” to that and, well, you have instant results. The way it actually works is quite amazing.

Usually, when you start typing a search query, Google will show a drop down list of possible searches so that you can save time by clicking on one of them. Now, the search giant has taken things a step further by showing entire page results as you type. It’s frighteningly fast.

It is now supported on IE8, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. However, given how much slower we type on our mobile devices, and just how much more mobile web usage is soaring, it’s probably just as important to get the new search feature on our mobile devices. When can we expect it?

According to the folks in Mountain View, CA, we can expect Google Instant to start hitting mobile web browsers this fall, which is just weeks from now. The demo was shown on an Android device, so there is no word on whether it will be available for other smartphone browsers like Safari for the iPhone.

[Via: TechCrunch]

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