First Windows Phone from Samsung Called the GT-i8700

Windows Phone 7 isn’t just going to be headed up by LG at the launch this fall; Samsung has already committed to supporting the rebirth of Microsoft’s mobile platform, though the bulk of their attention is bound to be on Android for the immediate future. These are pictures of the Samsung GT-i8700, which we had seen in some incarnation a couple of weeks ago, but without so much as a model number. Besides the 8 GB of storage memory and a camera with flash, pickings for specs are slim. We’re under the impression that this is a larger phone, so don’t be surprised to see it in the 3.7″ to 4″ category.

Windows Phone 7 promises to be a fresh start for Microsoft, scrapping the Windows Mobile of old, and starting fresh with tight integration with Xbox Live console gaming, Zune music services, Bing web search, and other Microsoft products. Of course, hitting the reset button has its downsides – simple stuff like non-Marketplace apps, cut and paste, and proper multitasking won’t make it at launch. Microsoft themselves suspect it’ll take upwards of five years before Windows Phone becomes what they want it to be. Hit up our hands-on video of Windows Phone 7 in action from the launch in February for a closer look.

[via Gizmodo]

  • Mike

    Pleaaaaaase tell me this is going to be available for the Verizon network!

  • Sanna

    I love Android openness. And it would feel like moving to China, to choose the closed code again

  • greg newman

    I think it’s great to have Samsung make a windows Phone 7 they make great Electronic products. now what Microsoft must do is to advertise it’s existance so that folks know it exists because a lot of folks donot use the internet and go to great web sites like this to get info on cell phones they just walk into a cell phone store and are blown away by all the phones that are for sale in the store. Microsoft has to put out a strong message that they have a great product for sale so that people will remember it’s name and check it out when they go into a Cell phone store. I went into a Radio shack store and they had so many cell phones and and different carriers that I
    got a little confused at first. I decided to check the web to get info on regular cell phones and the Smart Cell phones. The Iphone is great but I wont buy one because they wont show flash on their smart phone or Ipad. I am the type of person who wants to see the whole web not part of the web and I am not alone in thinking like this

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