Videos: Official Nokia N8 unboxing and one more HD video sample

Nokia’s upcoming N8, the first 12 megapixel device and Symbian^3 device to come out of Finland, is due to come out in a matter of weeks after a long 5 month wait from when it was first announced back in April. In that span of almost half a year, Nokia has provided image samples and one video sample showing off the HD capabilities of the device. Today they’ve just released a second video sample, showing various skateboarders doing their thing in Helsinki. It’s highly edited, possibly color corrected and has had noise reduction applied, but skepticism aside, it’s absolutely stunning and his this blogger contemplating a switch back to Symbian even though that would mean losing the fantastic integration with Google services that my Nexus One provides.

In another video, more accurately a wide assortment of videos, Nokia hires several people to do an unboxing of the N8 and you get to pick who you want. The paid actors do their best to be as cheesy as they can be, and hey, isn’t it our job, the press, to do these unboxing videos? Anyway, embedded are just one of the many of what Nokia is calling an “interactive unboxing experience“. Check it out and note how many things come with the N8. I’m a bit disappointed to see the device shipping with Nokia’s proprietary 2 mm charger since the N8 can recharge over USB. The USB-on-the-go cable is interesting and has me wondering what sorts of devices we’re going to see connected to the N8. Anyone want to try hooking up a portable DVD player for shits and giggles and seeing if it’ll work?

The N8 is available for preorder in many countries so just head over to, select your country, go to the store, and make an order. I’m personally waiting to see what the talented and meticulous crew over at All About Symbian have to say about the device, and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get a review unit. Doubtful, but stranger things have happened to me this year.

[Via: The Nokia Blog]

  • Adam

    “I’m personally waiting to see what the talented and meticulous crew over at All About Symbian have to say about the device”

    Stefan, talented they certainly are… but unbiased they are not. How can one draw their conclusions from a site that has praised every single Nokia Symbian phone ever made? Including the all famous disaster that the N97 was.

  • ScottF

    I couldn’t watch this after 9 seconds. I was already annoyed :S

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