Amazon Kindle Pokes Fun at Apple iPad in New Commercial

There’s no doubt that the Amazon Kindle is one popular and terrific reading device. And in many ways, the Apple iPad isn’t so bad either. After all, the latter does support the Kindle app, as well as iBooks and the Barnes & Noble Nook app. However, the reading experience on it hasn’t been all that great: it’s either too bright when you’re reading at night, even on its lowest brightness setting, and when you’re in direct sunlight, the glare and reflection is an annoyance.

Now that the Kindle is handsomely priced at just $139, whereas the cheapest iPad you can get is still $499 (16GB Wi-Fi only model), Amazon has decided to take it to Apple right where it hurts. But is the glare-free screen really enough of a deal breaker if you’re considering the two?

First of all, we’re comparing apples to oranges here. The iPad, of which over 4 million units have been sold to date, is a tablet computer. You can play games, it supports multi-touch, web-browsing is a decent experience and it handles e-mail and supports over 25,000 dedicated applications. The Kindle, on the other hand, is primarily an eReader.

The choice between the two really depends on what you want. Do you want a rockin’ eBook reader that isn’t heavy and cumbersome? Or do you want a multimedia device that allows you to watch your Netflix videos and play Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD?

Depending on your needs, however, you really can’t go wrong with either device. If you’re not much of a tablet reader, favoring reading on paper over anything with a screen, the iPad is a great choice. However, if you’re just a bibliophile who can’t get enough books under your belt, you’d do well to grab the Kindle – especially since it has access to over 670,000 titles in the U.S.

Of course, you could just get an anti-glare screen protector – which Amazon sells, ironically – for your iPad and have the best of both worlds.

Check out the video below where the smoldering hot woman enjoys her Kindle while the clunky dude tries to figure out how to read on his glare-stricken iPad:

[Via: Electronista]

  • Ron

    Final sentence s/b “hot woman enjoys her Kindle” (not iPad)

  • reader

    before the video post, you say:
    ‘Check out the video below where the smoldering hot woman enjoys her iPad while the clunky dude tries to figure out how to read on his glare-stricken iPad:’

    the woman is enjoying the Kindle silly.

  • Macrilege

    kindle green screen seems like a regression of technology. looks like a giant Handspring Visor from the last decade. Why are these people reading electronic books by the side of the pool? i would totally jump in the pool and splash them with a cannonball! He really didn’t care about “How she was reading that in this light”, he was staring at her boobies! Anyway just bring a laptop or your iPhone and you can have internet porn right next to the pool.

    • Jimmy Dean

      Testosterone is a mother fuc*er.

  • Frank Kurka

    she still has to live with no penis.

    • Garrett

      Ummm, I think she can have all the penises she wants.

  • Trev Edwards

    One day she’ll notice the guy on the inflatable… in the pool… with his paperback.

    ” I pad more for my sunblock,” he’ll say.

  • Adman Smith

    wait till the kindle hits $99.. but Apple still has nothing to worry about. Kindle users are a whole different market.

  • Kevin Ross

    Really how often do you read at the beach or out doors during a year maybe a dozen times.

  • Aplacon

    Does the guy who wrote this work for Apple? WTF. IPad is jack of some trades and master of none. The Kindle is the master of its trade. If you are a hardcore reader you already know this and dont need some tard IPad hippy to tell you anything.

  • Will Apple now run a commercial that shows a Kindle reader unable to read a book on the pool deck at night after a long day of work while the iPad user can? I mean seriously!

    The author here wrote:
    “There’s no doubt that the Amazon Kindle is one popular…reading device.”

    Really? We know that? How? Sales figures? Um…..nope Amazon won’t release them!

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