TeleNav Launches Ads within GPS Navigation App

TeleNav, the fine folks behind the GPS navigation apps for AT&T, T-Mobile,  Rogers, and Bell, have announced a new advertising program that points users to sponsored search results. It sounds an awful lot like the Poynt announcement made earlier today, but TeleNav’s existing partnerships with carriers will likely give them a leg-up.

There’s something to be said for the advertising effectiveness of a mobile application designed for turn-by-turn navigation – at that point, it’s not just about subliminally inserting logos into people’s heads, but actually affecting shopping decisions at the source. I would be curious to see if carriers need to agree to these advertisement programs, or have any rights to alter sponsored results in their own ways. Poynt and TeleNav should still be able to coexist without butting heads too much – after all, Poynt is about more than just directions, and includes movies, white pages, weather, and a lot of calendar and address book integration.

If you’re interested in advertising with TeleNav, you can sign up for more information over here.

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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