Android 2.2 update now hitting Motorola DROID X handsets

Verizon Motorola Droid X smartphone front and back views

Verizon Motorola Droid X smartphone front and back views

Right on time, the highly anticipated Android 2.2 (froyo) update is hitting Motorola DROID X handsets en masse.The latest 2.3.15.en.US update adds all the goodies associated with Android 2.2 including Flash support, Bluetooth voice dialing, improved screen rotation, updated 3G mobile hotspot app, and a handful of bug fixes and enhancements that improve the handset’s performance.

Now that you know that it is finally available, you probably want to know how to get the update. For those with patience, the update is delivered over-the-air and will arrive on your handset automatically within the next few days. A friendly notification will alert you in the status bar that an update is available. Download the 67.6MB froyo update and follow the instructions for installation.

If you want your froyo now and not at Verizon’s convenience, you can manually force an update by selecting System updates within the Settings –> About phone menu. For future reference, this simple procedure will scan for any available updates and will start the download process when an update is found. You can use it now and in the future to snag any key updates.

If you were one of those impatient DROID X owners that jumped ahead and installed a leaked Android 2.2. ROM, you will need to roll back your handset to the stock Android 2.1 to receive this official update. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a set of detailed instructions available here. Once you are back to the oh-so-familiar Eclair, you can wait for Verizon to send you the Android 2.2 update or manually force an update as described above.

When you have installed the official Android 2.2 update, hit us up in the comments with your first and second impressions of this froyo build. While you are caught up the excitement surrounding the DROID X and its newly released Android 2.2, don’t forget to check back with us later today. We are rocking with Android 2.2 and should have a sweet hands-on video for your viewing pleasure.

  • Robert

    Finally, I think “right on time” is definitely not the right choice of words. It is definitely true tho, downloading now!

  • It seems a little big sluggish at first when switching in between the screens. However, after restarting the phone a second time after the install and playing with it a little the screen switching is seamless like before. In the settings menu sounds and display have been broken up into their own separate options. The slide lock is a metallic blue. Swype keyboard has been changed to a metallic grey instead of the dark blue of 2.1. The picture for contacts are set into a dark grey box as opposed to a full picture avatar. Move apps to sd card as promised. 10.1 flash works beautifully. Overall a good update. Just wish they had an option for the older swype keyboard

  • Greg

    I thought I would check my phone for updates(as I have All Sept several times a day) and there it is! The 2.2 update! It took about 1/2 hour to download and install. I have noticed it is faster, Swype keys have changed. Works changing screens left or right (good for Lefties) downloading Flash now. It automatically updated Gmail.
    And fast…. I have 3 bars of 3G and am on good Wi fi. It is a sweet upgrade.

  • dx22

    I got it at 1130pm feels a little sluggish maybe a bit less sharp in speed I don’t have alot of apps ones I have I moved to sd card but still don’t know seems buggie I even rebooted it helped a lil but I don’t know it keeps reloading the search bar every four seconds and still don’t have full web excess example is still a mobile site not the real one maybe my dx has to adapt power it done tonight see what happens tomorrow??

  • Jean

    its working now Spring valley NY

  • matt

    has anyone who rooted their DX but not gone to the leaked froyo installed the official update? issues?

  • jeff

    I’ve updated my droid x with the new froyo few minutes ago. Now, my phone even work properly. It won’t let me get into text messges and some of my other apps are down

  • d

    mine is super laggy and gay wtf!!!!!!

    • Stoneman

      I am having the same problem. When it isnt laggy. it freezes and I have to pull the battery. Between 8:00 and 9:00 AM i’ve had to pull the battery 5 times.

      • Stoneman

        Mine seems to be working much better now. I removed the SD card… booted up using only the 8GB internal storage and it ran fine. Once i reconnected the SD card the phone continued to run smoothly..

        • jason

          does it still work? whenever i put my sd card back in, everything goes to hell. it acts like everything is ok, but then it freezes up again.

  • Mathew H

    I just updated my Droid X. Froyo is awesome!

  • jeffz

    Got mine. Love it

  • ateeb

    I just got the update and everything seems really smooth. Things don’t seem to be pausing, some of the applications changed due to the update. I also heard the key lights stopped working cause of the update but mine are working. I haven’t explored to much yet…so far its great.

  • k6o

    Just finished down load and now in the process of installing.

  • steve

    Finished up my install of 2.2 and Flash 10.1 on my Droid X this morning. Everything running smoothly. Camera software improved and Gallery is a bit nicer. So far the upgrade gets two thumbs up from me!

  • Andrew

    Everything working smoothly thus far. The new on screen button to snap pictures is a tremendous addition. I do wish they hadn’t messed with the keyboard though – it’s going to take awhile to get used to the bland gray as opposed to the comparatively vibrant black, white, and blue..

  • Andy

    Just updated this morning. Seems to be faster and running smoothly EXCEPT it freezes up and I can’t get to my camera. I take a picture and hit home then when i want to go back to the camera i hit the camera button and nothing happens. So i try accessing it from my list of apps and it goes to my home screen. I powered of and on again and i could access my camera once and then it did the same thing.

    • Danielle

      I updated my phone the night it released and my camera doesnt work either. Also, when IM on a call I cannot use my pull down touch screen to access updates/messages/etc like I used to. NOw I have to hit the home button, unlock the phone and enter my password to get in. My phone is also very laggy. Very frustrating. CAlled Verizon and apparently its been happening alot. You will need to call them on a seperate line so they can help you. HOpe this isnt going to be a persistent problem…

  • AJ

    DON’T DO IT. Just upgraded my phone to Froyo and now it keeps rebooting….

  • Nicole

    Now that I have 2.2, my Motorola DroidX from Verizon:

    #1 says my battery is an evil alien (it is a DroidX replacement battery from China) and refuses to charge it.
    #2 Also does not recognize my SD card so I can’t access anything on it. Like my music. Have rebooted several times and it still says I have no SD card. Ideas, anyone? (I put my original battery back in. The alien one was a back up.)

    • Jaymes

      @Nicole Since it didn’t like your aftermarket battery, were you plugged in to a computer to keep it charged? If so, and your USB mode was set to “Storage” then you wouldn’t have access to your SD card until you either unplug USB or change USB mode to something like “Charge Only”.

      On a different note, my Droid X keeps rebooting. Mostly seems to be when trying to slide the unlock it will freeze and then reboot. Also, Pandora 1.5 has rebooted a few times and has yet to play a song all the way through. The previous version worked perfectly (On Android 2.1 and 2.2) so that’s really disappointing since I can’t go back to that version now.

      Anyone heard anything OFFICIAL about these lock up?? I read 2.2 was supposed to fix them, but in my assessment, they have gotten worse.

  • jason

    I downloaded mine and now it’s stuck on Motorola logo , removed battery and sd card nothing helps

  • Eric Draven

    If anyones still experiencing their phone freezing after the update I found a solution. You must format you sd card and put your files back on it. When I updated my phone it would freeze every time, so I restarted it without the sd card and it worked perfectly. So I put my sd card into a card reader and saved all the files on my computer and deleted them off the card. I put it back in the phone and formatted the sd card on the phone. I put my files back on and everything works perfectly.

    • Jaymes

      Do you only write back the visible files or do you write back EVERYTHING? I’m willing to try this, but it seems odd that the format of the disk itself would be the issue rather than some hidden thumbnails or settings files…

      Let me know, please! And thanks!!

    • Jaymes

      Follow up: I ran without the memory card for a day and had no lock ups or reboots… Formatted as Eric said and still no reboots. Fingers crossed, but it’s looking good.

  • Ken

    Just updated its fine not sure what all these other bozos are talking about. Get it its fine.

  • Marvin

    Ken, I’m not sure why you think someone having an issue with updating their phone would be a “bozo”, as I just updated mine, and it freezes on reboot just like Eric said, and removing the SD card got it to boot all the way. Now, how anything I did effected that, that would make me a “bozo” I can’t imagine. Perhaps I wasn’t breathing correctly or something while the update was going on. Perhaps, you have a suggestion, eh?

  • Xhevat

    I went and checked for the update, but when i hit software update it just says checking for available update. Please wait…
    Its very frustrating, any solutions cause its been doing this for a while now

  • Vzw412

    Hello i updated my droidx to the 2.3 and flash 10.1 and now i have no android market and the widget for date and time runs the incorrect date and time can someone please help

  • guest

    updated my droid x, and now it wont work, it’ll work normal for a moment then freazes, tried taking the sd card out then turing it on and still doesnt work, anyone have an idea how to fix it?

  • Ethanpowell2109

    updated my droid x, and now it hasnt been working, i tried taking the sd card out and then turing it on and it still freezes, itll work for a moment but it wont let me acces anything. any ideas on fixing it?

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