Clear WiMax is a Go in New York City

While we sit around and wait for Sprint WiMax to do its thing in New York City, it looks like Clear is already on its game offering services in the city. Now you can sign up for data cards and little WiFi hotspots and enjoy 4G data speeds from devices like the iSpot or the Rover Puck.

It looks like WiMax is really beginning to cover a good chunk of the States, especially in cities where it matters most like Los Angeles and, as we saw yesterday for ourselves, San Francisco. And now, you can enjoy Clear’s WiMax services in all five boroughs of New York City.

Plans range from $25 a month up to $85 a month depending on services you need, like both WiMax and 3G. It’s not too bad a range for mobile broadband that will serve up speeds of anywhere between 4 to 9Mbps download and 2 to 4Mbps upload.

[Via: Clear and Engadget]

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