How To: Get your Droid X back to stock Android 2.1 Eclair

Motorola Droid X - one of the hottest Android phones around
Motorola Droid X - one of the hottest Android phones around

So, you pulled the trigger and installed the leaked Droid X Froyo ROM and you’re looking to get back to Android 2.1 before the official update comes out tomorrow, eh? Thankfully, Droid-Life has posted a great how-to on how to do just that.

The tutorial is not for the faint of heart but you put yourself into this boat, so it’s time to suck it up and wait for some official Froyo action for your Droid X.

*Just as you do with rooting your phone, you assume all responsibility if by any chance this tutorial messes up your device. You’ve been warned.

This can only be done on a Windows machine, so if you’ve got a Mac, ask the 90%+ other users in the world with a Windows PC. 🙂

  • First off, choose the right version of Motorola USB drivers for your computer and install them (32bit) (64bit)
  • Download & install RSD Lite 4.7 (download)

You will need to patch this after installing. There is an .ini file included in the folder that needs to be placed in your install directory. /Program Files/Motorola/RSD Lite

  • Download the Droid X Android 2.1 SBF file, which you can find here
  • Unzip the SBF file to your desktop
  • Run RSD Lite, and click the “…” button,  then find the SBF file that you just unzipped to your desktop and select it.
  • Plug your Droid X into your computer and power it down
  • Go into the Bootloader (with phone off, hold the CAMERA button and VOLUME DOWN, then hit the POWER button)
  • After holding for 2-3 seconds, release the buttons and RSD Lite should recognize your Droid X
  • Click the start button to flash Android 2.1 to your phone.
  • When the flashing is complete, unplug your phone
  • The Droid X will likely not boot up all the way, so pull the battery out
  • Put the battery back into the phone and reboot into Recovery mode ( Hold the HOME button and press POWER until you get an exclamation mark. Release the HOME button and press the SEARCH button)
  • Using the VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons, navigate to “wipe data/ factory reset” option on the screen, and press the CAMERA button halfway down to execute.
  • When complete, choose to reboot your phone

You’re back to Android 2.1!

Now, just hope you’re one of the lucky few people who Android 2.2 is sent to first, since the OTA updates are sent in batches.

[Via: Droid-Life]

  • Jeremy

    okay, does ANYONE on here know how to do these steps on a Mac?? i’m going nuts here.

    • Me


  • Credit

    The link to RSD lite is invalid. Tried searching for it online to no avail. Any help?

    • Blake

      Link fixed.

      • D

        Nope….all I see is 4.5.3….

      • D

        correction, the link is there, but not hosted at the referred site anymore.

  • Mario

    I have installed everything as specified and ran the bootloader. The issue I have now is that rsd is telling me that the phone version is invalid and fails. am I missing a step?

    • Mike

      I am having the same problem. Can someone please help troubleshoot?

  • Blake

    Link fixed again. Sorry folks.

  • I ran this and it said it finished but then my phone was stuck on the boot loader saying programming required. I tried holding the home key and power buttom but it will not load and just stays on the bootloader

  • Josh

    Sounds like your phone is bricked as mine is. If you ALREADY installed 2.2, then try to go backwards, it will brick your phone. Leaves a Service req’d message, along with an Err:A5, etc….

  • Jim

    All of these apps are available at as a zip or the individual .apk and .odex files

  • Anonymous

    I had trouble with this until I found out that I needed to put the install file in the root of C. Before that it failed immediately. I found the answer here: I was getting the 0x7100 error.

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