HTC 7 Trophy spotted in the wild with Windows Phone 7

HTC Trophy 7 spy shot

HTC Trophy 7 spy shot

A spy shot of the HTC 7 Trophy has emerged and the handset flaunts its smooth lines and its surprising full touchscreen face. Originally rumored back in December 2009, the HTC Trophy was rendered with a front-facing QWERTY keyboard and rumored specs that include a 3-inch VGA display, 5-megapixel camera, and 7.2 Mbps HSPA.

The handset was expected to launch in May 2010 with Windows Mobile 6.5, but, as we all know, that day came and went and the HTC-branded handset never materialized. It was written off and forgotten about until September when it popped up again at Global Certification Forum with the modified name of HTC Trophy 7.

September was the month for Windows Phone 7 handsets to come out of the shadows and the Trophy 7 made its timely appearance in the inventory of Vodafone. Unlike its Windows Phone brethren, the details on the Trophy 7 handset have remained elusive with most rumored information pointing back to the that original portrait QWERTY. This latest leak dispels those original renderings and provides a clear image of a full touchscreen handset. The handset also reportedly includes HTC’s Windows Phone 7 Sense hub that was spotted in a video earlier this month.

[Via pocketnow]

  • Jeffrey Edwards

    What the hell has happened to the Qwerty keyboard? Now this is just another touch screen only phone, albeit with Windows Mobile 7. Really, it’s nothing more than an HD2, but with the operating system upgrade. I’ve been waiting all year for this phone to FINALLY launch, and now I totally disappointed if this is in-fact without the Qwerty keyboard!

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