DROID X Owners: Here’s a fix if you receive an ‘update failed’ error while installing Android 2.2

Motorola Droid X - one of the hottest Android phones around

Motorola Droid X - one of the hottest Android phones around

DROID X owners are downloading the 2.2 update in droves and are enjoying their first official taste of froyo on this monster of a handset. While the update process was smooth sailing for most, a handful of users are receiving a particularly nasty software update failed error. Don’t panic as this update failed error is the result of rooting your handset and removing or renaming the bloatware apps installed on your DROID X.

Prior to updating to froyo, DROID X owners should try to restore their handset as close to stock Android 2.1 as possible. If you removed or renamed any apps like CityID, Blockbuster, or Amazon MP3 after rooting, you will need to restore these apps to the system folder on your handset.

If you were prudent, then you merely renamed the APK file extension to BAK. To fix this update failed error, you have to rename these files back to their original APK extension. If you deleted the APK files and no longer have them, then you can download them from this forum thread.  Once you download the zip file, extract the contents and place the APK files into the system –>app folder on your handset using a tool like root explorer.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of not being able to replace these stock applications for whatever reason, then you will have to restore your handset to stock Android 2.1 before you can download the Android 2.2 update. We have a detailed set of instructions here that will walk you through the process.

Once you are back to stock 2.1, then you are good to go and should be able to update to Android 2.2 without any problems. One piece of good news- if you rooted your handset, there is no need to unroot as the update will install easily on rooted devices.

Unroot and restore your Motorola Droid X back to stock Android 2.1.

  • ugh

    my droid x was not rooted. but even prior to installing the update, i backed up everything and ran the “factory restore”. the update not only failed, but bricked it. all i can see on my phone is the pretty little white motorola image. the power button don’t even work!! It is in paperweight mode until my new one arrives…..grrrrrrrrr

  • I have a recently disconnected Motorola Droid X. I want to use in wifi mode and give to my kid. I cannot connect to Google play on the phone since I dumped verizon and switched to AT&T. I’m trying to connect to my home network. My other devices connect fine to my wifi. Droid X connects and does a google search, but no gmail, no hotmail, and no google play. Is this because of my account info being on my new Samsung S4? I don’t want to have to restore to factory settings if that’s going to leave it useless. I’ve been searching hi and low on forums and articles looking for a solution. I’m tired of messing with this phone.

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