Shazam Music ID Scores Preload Deal on LG Android Phones

Shazam, arguably the most popular mobile music identification app out there, has just signed a deal with LG to be included on their Android handsets. The LG Optimus GT540 (also known as the Loop) will be the first phone of many to come with Shazam. Unfortunately, it’s only the free version that’s getting preloaded, so you’ll still need to pay $4.70 for the premium Sahzam Encore if you want to tag more than five songs a month.

If you haven’t had the joy of using Shazam, it basically gives you information about music that’s playing around you at any particular moment. Just open the app, hit the giant “tag” button, and Shazam listens through your phone’s microphone, sends a brief clip of the sound data off to their servers, and comes back with what it thinks is the song playing, complete with lyrics, YouTube videos, reviews, biographies, and discographies. After that, you can discover similar artists, and share your tag with friends on Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve got Pandora installed too, you can even open a station based on that song, or buy the track outright. There are certainly alternatives out there, like SoundHound, and Gravity Mobile by Gracenote, but Shazam definitely gets most of the attention.

If you’re the music-lovin’ type, download links to the various mobile apps are below.

Download for Android ($4.99) [Market Link]

Download for iPhone ($4.99) [iTunes Link]

BlackBerry AppWorldBadge Oprah Mobile Available on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and webOS Download for BlackBerry ($4.99) [App World Link]

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