T-Mobile G2 pre-order starts tomorrow, available October 6th

screen shot of the T-Mobile G2 pre-order starting September 24th, available on October 6th
screen shot of the T-Mobile G2 pre-order starting September 24th, available on October 6th

We finally have the closest thing to confirmation without Magenta actually announcing when the G2 will become available for pre-order. According to the screenshot above, the the device will be available for pre-order, starting tomorrow to existing customers, and will hit retail shelves on October 6th.

From September 24 through October 4, existing T-Mobile customers will be given the exclusive opportunity to pre-order the T-Mobile G2 with Google at select T-Mobile retail stores, through Care upgrades, and online at http://G2.t-mobile.com. A limited number of G2 smartphones will also be available for employees to pre-order on My T-Mobile.

The G2 is schedules to be available to all customers at select T-Mobile retail stores, Care upgrades, select retail partner locations and online on October 6.

If the top right of the screen shot saying “T-Mobile Internal Use Only” says anything, it’s that this is the real deal, and the rumors of the delays were untrue. Still, Best Buy may be getting the G2 on the 10th of October, but we’re glad that customers can soon walk right into one of their local T-Mobile stores and grab this thing.

Those looking for a solid upgrade to the G1 will find its successor perfect for them. Not only is it much more powerful than its predecessor, it’s much less, well, ugly. The G1 was a phone that only a mother could find handsome. That’s gotta count for something, right? The G2 will offer up all of the goodies you’d expect to find in high-end Android 2.2 Froyo-toting device, along with some hardware customizations like Quick Keys, allowing you to create shortcuts to your favorite apps right from the spacious physical keyboard. I still wish this phone had a dedicated number row on the keyboard, but there’s really little that could keep me from grabbing this device when it goes on pre-sale tomorrow.

So, are you going to take the plunge and pre-order this bad boy, or will you wait for the reviews to come in?

[Via: TMONews]

  • ola

    G1 ugly? Yeah, looks is subjective but it was hardly ugly. This thing is in fact ugly imo, although kick ass phone.

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