T-Mobile G2 against the competition

T-Mobile G2 compared against the competition.
T-Mobile G2 compared against the competition.

The upcoming T-Mobile G2 has been sized up with its competition, and on paper, it actually doesn’t help the successor to the world’s first Android phone. Sure, there are many great features that the phone will have, but many of the devices listed alongside it simply look superior.

The main draws for the T-Mobile G2 are that it’s the first HSPA+ device that’s able to take full advantage of the carrier’s new network. The fact that it ships with Android 2.2 Froyo is also something that will draw people to it, but with many of the existing Android 2.1 phones receiving the Froyo update, it’s become less important. The closest rival to the G2 is the Motorola Droid 2, which bests it slightly in screen resolution and onboard storage out of the box. When you compare the Droid X with the G2, the better camera, bigger screen size, HDMI port, and more internal memory definitely make the Droid X a tough competitor.

Of course, the G2 isn’t the loser in the lineup, as the T-Mobile G1 is also found in this list. Yes, the G2 is quite a solid upgrade from the G1, but no one is really counting that since you’ve got the EVO 4G and iPhone 4 in this list as well. In fact, if you take the G1 off the list completely, its successor comes with the lowest amount of internal memory, which isn’t a deal breaker since you can use a bigger MicroSD card. Still, media buffs may want to throw multiple movies on their device, and even though 4 GBs should offer a good bit of storage, especially with an 8GB MicroSD card pre-installed as well, people will likely just be looking at numbers.

I recently wrote an article asking if the G2 could compete with the Android elite, and my final conclusion was that it could. It may not be the most powerful phone around, but it’s made by HTC, and they are known to make solid phones. I doubt this device will be any different.

In the end, I’ll be very happy with the G2, as I don’t need all the bells and whistles that are available on some of the smartphones of today. Some may be nice to have, but the lack of such features just aren’t deal breakers to me. The only thing I wished different of the G2 is that the keyboard had a dedicated number row and the screen was bumped up to 4 inches.

So what do you think about the comparison above? Do you think it helps or hurts the G2?

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  • mikeeeee

    all that has to happen is the latest buzz about wifi calling on ANDROID to be available on it and every dungeon phone user will flock to it.

    including me.

  • sammy

    Well the G2 is no slouch. It has the new scorpion cpus made by qualcomm, which has a far superior gpu compared to the older snapdragons found in the EVO and Nexus. Dont be fooled by the mhz rating, as this chip can easily be overclocked after rooted, but tmobile kept it at 800mhz to save battery life. The iphone 4 has a A4 cpu, but most people dont know its downclocked. Also the phone has superior build quality, and has alot of use of metals compared to the all plastic evo and vibrant. The physical keyboard is the highlight to this phone, and the design makes it ultrathin. Also it runs vanilla froyo, so updates will not be an issue, no touchwiz, sense, or motoblur.

    • I’m very aware of the many great things that the G2 will offer, I pre-ordered the thing the second it was available, but to your average consumer this side by side comparison doesn’t necessarily help.

      • sammy

        Yea I know what you mean. Average consumers simply look at numbers and think bigger = better. If HTC simply added in a low res front camera, along with 16gb internal storage packaged with a 16gb external card, and show benchmarks of performance without mentioning cpu clockspeed, then this would have been called the new top dog phone on the market. Still, this phone should do very well, especially for the Nexus One fans who like vanilla android and wanted a keyboard and appreciate solid build quality.

  • Snowsong

    I managed to get my hands on one of these at the T-Mo store and loaded Quadrant and Linpack onto it. Out of the box (and with a nearly dead battery) the Quadrant test surpassed the Nexus One 2.2 score by about 10% (a score of around 1300 as I recall) and got a Linpack if about 34 mflops. Obviously you can get better scores but again this is out of the box, no modifications. Overclocked I’ll be this thing really sings.

  • Brittanyday89

    htc hd7 or htc g2?

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