Facebook Connecting to Skype for SMS and Calling to Friends?

Rumour has it VoIP service provider Skype and the ubiquitous online social network Facebook will be collaborating in the near future. The next version of the desktop app will reportedly be able to use Facebook Connect to log users in, after which they’ll be able to make voice calls, video calls, and of particular interest to us mobile types, SMS text messages to friends on the social network. In addition to signaling an eventual bundling with Facebook’s existing in-browser chat, we’re left to wonder how long it will take before the official mobile apps will get these integrations.

Skype’s biggest move in mobile lately has been enabling Wi-Fi calls in their Android app, but it will likely take a while before the new features find their way from desktop to phone. Getting social is a nice move for Skype, especially considering the enormity of the network, and from Facebook’s perspective, this is their first serious dive into telephony, aside from modest address book integration in their mobile apps. If this partnership materializes and eventually finds its way to mobile, it could be an big notch over Google Voice. As nice as funneling phone numbers through a single one is, Skype being able to call friends who are on Facebook (either at their desk or on their cell) with full video is a pretty cool and unique proposition.

[via AllThingsD]

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