T-Mobile G2 unboxing video and HSPA+ speed test

T-Mobile G2 HSPA+ speed test
T-Mobile G2 HSPA+ speed test

It looks like some lucky bastards customers who pre-ordered their T-Mobile G2 are beginning to get their packages a little early. Many others (ahem, yours truly) have to wait until tomorrow before they can get a taste, but there’s now a video unboxing, and a picture of what HSPA+ can offer you.

First up, the unboxing is brought to use by TMONews who was lucky enough to get their G2 today. The phone is just as glorious as you’d expect. The G2 sports a 3.7 inch display, stock Android 2.2 Froyo, and a full QWERTY keyboard as well. Add in Qualcomm’s new 800MHz MSM7230 processor and HSDA+ support in there and you have one beastly piece of phone on your hands.

Many have been wary of the G2’s 800MHz CPU clock speed, but rest assured, the phone can perform with the best. The G2 was right up there with every 1GHz-toting Android smartphone you can find today, according to a benchmark, and in some cases, bested them.

An anonymous tipster decided to send the guys over at Android Central a picture of a speed test of just how fast HSPA+ can perform, and we were blown away. The picture, shown above, easily surpasses every data network available today, and easily bests Sprint’s WiMAX network. Downloading from a phone never looked sexy. Then came the G2.

So, while the rest of us who pre-ordered are now waiting patiently for our G2’s to hit our doorstep, you can just watch the unboxing video over and over. With a little luck it’ll be tomorrow soon.

Check out the unboxing video below!

[Via: TMONews, AndroidCentral]

  • denise

    whats the stupid noise in the backround

  • I pre-ordered mine the first day I could. It was shipped out yesterday with a sched delivery date of 10/5, but I’m still checking the mail obsessively.

  • Ash

    Worst unboxing ever.

  • John

    I weep for America’s future.

  • Eric Levine

    I bet speedtest.net is not as generous in the benchmark….My pathetic G1 registered like 8 or 9 mg/sec using the test in the screen above…When will I get my pre-ordered G2?

  • Epic 4g

    That speed test is fake. Wow really where’s the tmobile logo that proves it

  • Thisguy Sucks

    Focus the camera, your voice shakes, and this is the worst video ever. Try sucking less.

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