Netflix for iPhone Updated to Support Video Out

Netflix fans may be excited about the little update for the app on the iPhone and fourth generation iPod. The latest version of the app now supports video out, just like the iPad does, for those of you inclined to view your Netflix content on a bigger screen. If you aren’t watching streaming content on your TV because you don’t have a video game console or set-top box to support it, perhaps your iPhone or iPod dock has S-Video. Or you can use an Apple Component AV cable.

The update is available in iTunes now, and if you’re a Netflix user and haven’t downloaded the app yet, it’s totally free.

[Via: iTunes and Gizmodo]

  • Iris

    Yeah, video out… if you are one of the few who have iphone or ipod 4G. Doesn’t work on 3g or 3gs phone. A subscription won’t be worth it for me until it does…

  • Manuel Bonilla

    I was excited when I heard the news “Video out for iphone” until I realized it’s not supported on the iphone 3Gs – guess I’m still waiting. Hope they hear us!!

  • Mom of Two

    I was also very excited to learn the video out was now available on the iphone for Netflix…something I had been hoping to get for a while…UNTIL I learned that the update was only good for the iphone 4. This was extremely disappointing. It should be for the 3G users as well, or at a minimum the phones with ios4. Please fix this for your MANY loyal customers with the 3G phones!

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