T-Mobile G2 pre-orders suspended due to ‘overwhelming demand’

T-Mobile G2 pre-orders suspended

T-Mobile G2 pre-orders suspended

If you are a big fan of the newly announced T-Mobile G2, you are not alone. T-Mobile has just suspended pre-orders for the Android handset due to overwhelming demand. Thankfully, the handset will make its official in store debut starting tomorrow, October 6th, so your agonizing wait won’t be excruciatingly long. Starting tomorrow, the G2 will also be available for ordering online, but there is no guarantee that the Android handset will ship right away. As we have seen with both the DROID X and the DROID Incredible on Verizon Wireless, the order date and ship date can be weeks away. If you must get your hands on this hot, new handset, then a quick stop at your local T-Mobile store is your best bet.

Of course, you can always turn to third-party retailers like Radio Shack or Best Buy. The Shack is offering the G2 online for a mere $149.99 with a two-year contract. Currently available as a pre-order, the handset is slated to ship on October 6th. Best Buy will also be offering the G2 with a $199.99 out-the-door price tag which places it right in the middle of Radio Shack’s $149 and T-Mobile’s $299 with a $100 mail-in rebate. Bas news who want the instant gratification of ordering right now as Best Buy is listing the handset as coming soon and is not offering it for sale online. Pre-ordering is reportedly available in store and will be until the handset officially launches on October 6th

All you last-minute shoppers who waited to secure your G2 handset may be wondering if this Android handset is worth all the extra effort required to shop around and find available inventory. If you remember, the G2 was offered to T-Mobile customers first and many Android fans are already rocking this handset. Though non-T-Mobile customers may feel a bit slighted, they benefit from being in second place as they can glean all the good and bad points about the G2 from these early adopters.

Good news for those contemplating this handset. The initial responses from this core group of new G2 owners has been favorable and I would not hesitate to put a little effort into snagging this handset. One word to wise: if I was going to grab one, I would do so sooner than later as the G2 may be in demand for an extended period. With the holiday shopping season fast approaching and the G2 available for a very reasonable $499 off contract price, this handset is going to be very popular in the upcoming months. I don’t even live an area with T-Mobile coverage and I am even considering buying one.

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  • Travis

    Wow. I feel so priviledged. I GOT MINE!!! And it is a pleasure to use. I had a G1 and now have the G2 and it meets or exceeds my expectations. Its solidly built. I do recommend putting on a screen protector right away to protect it from getting scratched. Some of the criticisms I read about are not holding up. My hinges hold tight. The volume is adequate. The speaker is about the same quality as on the G1. But the main thing is it is Android and with the latest software.

  • Craig

    I got mine on Sunday and I Love IT! The only issue which is widespread throughout the T-Mobile forums is the internal memory. Mine shows 1.23gb of TOTAL storage, and 1.15gb available(Should be 4GB and 3.6gb). Some people say it might be a software limitation since even theSamsung Vibrant has to show the extra capacity of 8GB as an SD card. I will wait for the fix, because this phone ROCKS!

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