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    according to forum nokia c5-03 have 600 mhz cpu

  • Jb6789

    While your report appears more like a biased rant, did you happen to analyze this smartphone’s features relative to its price point? I’m sure , unlike you, Nokia did!

  • Anonymous

    Stefan, the only reason why they would choose S^1 is for keeping price down and compete with Huawei and other Asian mfr. for lower price smartphone segment. Also, the reason they have lost ground in India, is not because of S^1, but mainly because of dual-sim touchscreen phones and quite low prices. But again, if you ask the Indian users of those non-Nokia phones, you will realize that they will not stick to the same (non-Nokia) brand when it comes next time to buy their phone.
    This market share loss is temporary, but that doesn’t mean Nokia doesn’t need to do anything. If they introduce dual-sim phones with touchscreen in India, they will win back atleast half of the lost share. And i sense that dual-sim touchscreen phones are on the horizon.

  • Deneme

    propaply 5800 killer

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