Verizon clarifies iPad data plans- 5GB for $50, 3GB for $30, and 1GB for $20

After the announcement that it will sell the Apple iPad earlier today, Verizon has provided additional details on the data plans that it will offer with its MiFi-iPad bundles when they become available at Verizon retail stores on October 28th. In addition to the $20/1GB plan, Verizon will also offer a $30/3GB plan and a $50/5GB plan. These plans are significantly less than¬†Verizon’s current MiFi plans which cost $35 for 250MB of data and $60 for 5GB of data.

To encourage customers to select the higher-priced data-only plans, Verizon is staggering the overage charges on these iPad-Mifi plans. The less expensive $20 plan will incur a charge of $20 per additional GB used; while the more expensive $35 and $50 plan will incur a charge of $10 per GB. Similar to AT&T, Big Red’s iPad-MiFi plans are available on a month-to-month basis and do not include an early termination fee.

Unfortunately these inexpensive plans are only available for customers that purchase an iPad with a MiFi hotspot. Verizon customers that buy either device separately will not be eligible for these discounted plans. The bundles are priced reasonably- the 16GB iPad WiFi and a MiFi will cost $629, a price point that matches the cost for a 3G-enabled version of Apple’s popular tablet. Verizon is basically selling its MiFi device for a discount and without a contract to encourage sales of Apple’s tablet device. By itself, a MiFi costs over $200 without a contact and includes a $60/5Gb data plan. Anyone going to jump the gun and snag one of these bundles when the iPad debuts later this month?

[Via Apple Insider]

  • Nelsonr22

    30 dollars for unlimited is what I will pay. We are past metered internet, or should be.

  • Absolutely! As long as the mifi isn’t locked down to only the iPad. I expect to be able to use it with my MacBook Pro and iPhone as well.

  • Why would anyone want to buy this? Really what a waste send the iPad to Tmo and add AWS band.

  • Mike

    For a whopping $50/month, I would have thought the data plan would be unlimited. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m already grandfathered into an unlimited data plan at a more reasonable price.

  • Note that these ‘iPads’ that are being sold are WiFi iPads – not iPads designed to work with Verizon’s CDMA or upcoming LTE network. If you want an iPad with similar capabilities, purchase the iPad at an Apple store, and then pick up a Mifi from Virgin Mobile – they offer an unlimited data plan for less than Verizon’s offering above, without a two year committment. Check out the details here:

    • Brandon

      That would be awesome if Virgin Mobile had a reliable network.

  • david115

    Why would anyone want to buy this?

  • Torrey

    I’m already using the Verizon MiFi with my WiFi-only iPad that I purchased back in April when the iPad launched, it sure beats using AT&T’s 3G network! Only problem that I’ve ran into is that I use these two devices for business throughout the day and found the MiFi battery only lasts a few hours whereas the iPad battery lasts about 8-10 hours on average for me. This was kind of a disappointment but for anyone else that needs their MiFi battery to last as long as the iPad I highly recommend getting an extended life battery More info:

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