GetJar Overwhelmed with Angry Birds Fans

You Angry Birds fans are crazy! GetJar now has the popular game by Rovio for Android, but most folks have had trouble getting a copy of the game this morning. Our own editors here at IntoMobile seem to be having issues as well, and GetJar has addressed the issue on Twitter and is working on it.

It should come as no surprise to anyone trying to grab the app today, however. The beta version launched for Android a few weeks ago, and today the full version was released. It had been known for a little while now, so the massive surge was to be expected. Surprisingly, being the second largest app store in the world, GetJar didn’t seem to take any measures to prevent this server strain from happening.

According to the mega app store, over 90,000 downloads hit the servers within seconds, causing a huge strain. Naturally, things are a little hectic right now and it may be a while before you Android users are able to grab Angry Birds. Chatter on Twitter reveals a number of somewhat impatient users getting cranky.

Additionally, if you managed to earn any achievements and get to some pretty advanced levels in the beta version of the game, you can kiss those goodbye. Users are complaining that updating to the full version resets any achievements obtained in the beta, but that’s to be expected.

One thing to consider, however, is whether or not this massive outage of sorts would have happened if the game was made available over Android Market instead of GetJar. While we’ve had our own complaints about the Android Market, it might have proved a more reliable outlet for the debut of the full version of Angry Birds to the masses. What do you think? Was the server-crashing, overwhelming surge of Angry Birds fans just unavoidable?

[Via: Twitter]

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