Rumor: photographs of the CDMA iPhone emerge

Internal antenna - Verizon Apple iPhone

richy-rich CDMA-iphone

A series of photographs leaked by blogger Richy Rich reportedly reveals the rumored CDMA iPhone. These images supposedly originate from an unnamed repair shop within Vietnam and show the Apple handset with a test operating system. This OS is reportedly similar to Inferno, another testing environment that was spotted on a pre-release iPhone 4 earlier this year. For those that follow Apple news, Vietnam was the source of several high-profile leaks for Apple’s latest generation smartphone before it launched last June.

In these latest leaked images, the iPhone appears with a designation of N92DVT, a codename that provides some insight into the production status and possible identity of the handset. According to information previously release by John Gruber on his Daring Fireball blog, N92 is the internal codename given to the CDMA iPhone. The DVT portion of the name refers to Design Verification Testing, one of the final stages in product development. This is the stage at which the iPhone 4 was lost and found in a bar earlier this year.

richy-rich CDMA-iphone

The source post also claims the CDMA smartphone from Apple includes a micro-SIM slot and suggests this rumored handset may have support for global roaming. This claim fits in nicely with an earlier rumor that points to an Apple smartphone with both CDMA and GSM/HSPA capabilities. Unfortunately, the presence of this micro-SIM slot can not be verified by the leaked photos. Higher quality shots are not available as the Vietnamese repair shop no longer has the phone in its possession.

In the end, these leaked images show little more than an iPhone-4 like handset that may or may not be photoshopped to have the appearance of the rumored N92 CDMA variant. While the timing is right for a DVT prototype to surface just prior to its big early 2011 launch, I am not convinced that these images are legitimate. Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of these leaked photos. Are they real or a really good fake?

[Via AppleInsider and Richy Rich]

  • Gregory C Newman

    Apple is smart business oriented company they know it would be a super economical advantage for them to
    get 1000’s of Verizon and they are going to have the Ipad and the Iphone with GSM/CDMA transceivers in them so they can sell them worldwide to those who can afford them.

  • Agent_C

    You people need to get a life… So what?1?1?

    • I agree

      THANK YOU!
      It kills me that the WORLD is built on PHONES, FB, Twitter and dont think about LIFE as a whole!!
      I will NEVER pay $500+ for a phone!
      I think that everytime I see a commercial about a phone “yes you can have your phone now wiping your a$$!”

      I digress…

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