New YouTube app ported to Android 2.1 OS

If you’re sporting an Android phone with version 2.1 on it, you may have been a little annoyed that the new YouTube application update didn’t initially make it to your particular version of Android OS. Luckily, the guys over at XDA have worked some magic and made the updated available to 2.1 devices!

In order to get this up and running on your phone,  you need to be rooted and remove the previous application from your handset via ADB or a file manager with write privileges, like Root Explorer.  After that, all you have to do is download the updated app, install, and you’re good to go.  You’ll now have the new application that brings a much cleaner UI, with more features.

We’re glad that the option to update your 2.1 device is available, but we’re not so in love with the fact that you have to be rooted to do so. Since the YouTube application was pre-installed with your phone in the first place, attempting to install the new version will result in a failed installation. So if you’re looking to get some of the new YouTube action, and you’re not in love with getting technical, try looking into what you need to do to root your device first.

Rooting your device will likely be the hardest tasks to pull off, if you want the new YouTube app. Although, depending on the phone you’re on, it can be very easy. After that, removing the application is simple enough if you know where to find it, and installation of the updated app couldn’t be easier.

For more information on the port, head over to XDA.

[Via: Androinica]

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