HTC Droid Incredible HD on its way to Verizon?

Could this be the HTC Incredble HD for Verizon?
Could this be the HTC Incredble HD for Verizon?

It looks like Verizon may be trying to refresh their entire Droid lineup with an HTC Droid Incredible HD offering, as we’ve already seen the Droid 2 Global, the Merge, and the Droid X SE. We may be looking at a Droid Incredible HD — possibly the HTC Desire HD for Verizon — right here, and it may hit the shelves by November 23rd.

The first time we spotted the handset above, we thought it could be the HTC Merge, but now it looks like the Merge is something completely different, leaving this handset up for grabs in the model name department. The device you see here looks more EVO-like than anything else, and if anything is deserving enough to see a solid hardware upgrade on Verizon’s network, it’s the Incredible. Again, this could very well be the HTC Desire HD for Verizon, but that’s mostly speculation at this point.

The handset is said to have a 4.3 inch display, 8 megapixel camera, likely a 2nd-gen Snapdragon processor, a kickstand that’s becoming familiar to see on HTC handsets these days, and the sexy Sense UI. An EVO– or Desire HD-like device on the Verizon network will definitely make Motorola quiver a bit. Motorola is already poised to lose the following it has when the Verizon iPhone comes out later next year, but HTC may be looking to speed up that process by offering another kick-ass phone to go head to head with Moto on the largest US network.

It’ll be a battle of the screen kings come November, if the Incredible HD does end up hitting shelves two days before Black Friday. Whatever the handset will be named, it’s about time that HTC starts getting some great handsets on Verizon, as it’s practically run by Motorola at this point.

We’ll likely begin to see more of this device in the coming weeks, as that’s usually how it goes, but we ‘re honestly surprised we hadn’t heard the Incredible 2/HD name floating around previously. I think the current Incredible is still a great phone as it is, but I definitely won’t be complaining about a follow-up device.

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  • I would just like to say that I love how you actually give the Incredible some credit. Most people undermine it by saying the only good phone Verizon is offering right now is the X, which simply isn’t for everybody.

    • YoMom

      DX is an AWESOME phone, as is the Droid Incredible. My own experiences with HTC were not so favorable back then, but it has come a LONG way. I have the DX, and my girl has the DI; and I admit the UI of the DI is WAY better than the X. It’s smoother, and just as capable as any other smart phone. Plus, it’s really not that “cheap” feeling as phonearena states..

  • Anonymous

    Anything from Moto is garbage…HTC FTW!!!!

  • Barca2786

    come on already and set a release/ launch date for this phone!!!! ahh!!! i need to upgrade from my “dumb phone” lol.

  • Alex

    to be quite honest, i think that the best phone on verizon, even now, is the HTC Incredible. Sure, the other phones are more recent and might have bigger screens and whatever else, but its really rare to see a company create a phone that is good in damn near every aspect. I also believe that with HTC Sence UI on top of the Android OS is damn near orgasmic(figure of speech). I urge HTC to release a predecessor to the incredible, but for love of god, please don’t make it that ugly. The first one was said to be inspired by supercars, i dont exactly think it looks like a lamborghini but it is damn sexy.

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