PayPal to land as an alternative payment option for the Android Market

Android Market logo

Android Market logo

A blog post inadvertently confirmed that PayPal will be extending its payment option to the Android market. Similar to iTunes and the BlackBerry App World, Android users will be able to setup their PayPal account and use it make app purchases from the Android Market. The announcement debuted on PayPal’s blog yesterday and was promptly pulled. A formal announcement is expected during the X Innovate 2010 Conference which is taking place this week in San Francisco.

This potential arrangement is good news for Android developers and users alike. One of the drawbacks to the Android Market is the requirement to use Google Checkout. Google launched Google Checkout to compete with PayPal but the payment service never caught hold. I dare say most people only use Google Checkout because they own an Android phone and are forced to use it with the Android Market.

Now with PayPal on board as an alternative payment option, Android owners will have a choice for payment processing. The payment processing company is the leader in online and electronic payments and its presence in the Android Market will entice users to buy more apps. I know I will use PayPal, merely for the convenience it offers. I won’t have to give Google my credit card and I can draw funds from the variety of sources available within PayPal. It’s a win, win situation for all involved.

[Via TechCrunch]

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