T-Mobile myTouch 4G hits Nov. 3 for $199 – Android 2.2, video chat, HSPA+ in tow

T-Mobile myTouch lands on Nov. 3 for $199 with two-year contract
T-Mobile myTouch lands on Nov. 3 for $199 with two-year contract

It looks like the rumors were spot on, as the T-Mobile myTouch 4G will launch Nov. 3 for $199 with a new, two-year contract. This Android powerhouse should get a lot of people excited.

The myTouch 4G name comes from the fact that the Android 2.2 handset will come with HSPA+ capabilities, which delivers 4G-like speeds. In the G2 review, we found that T-Mobile’s other HSPA+ device was able to get between 4 to 8 Mbps download speeds in San Francisco. I don’t care if it’s technically “4G” or not, as that’s a lot of bandwidth.

The myTouch 4G will utilize that added data speeds for things like video chatting anywhere. Unlike the iPhone 4 and its FaceTime, you’ll be able to make calls on 3G networks to users on mobile phones or computers using Qik or Yahoo.

The hardware is on point too, as it features a 3.8-inch high resolution touchscreen display and a second-generation 1 GHz processor. Some may be a little disappointed about it “only” having a 5-megapixel camera but it can do full 720p HD video at 30 frames per second.

Like the myTouch 3G Slide, T-Mobile has added some customization to its latest smartphone. It will come with the Genius button for a variety of voice capabilities and T-Mobile thinks this bests Google Voice Action by having a better UI and with features like hands-free mode.

It will launch with Android 2.2 and what can be called the myTouch UI. This is essentially HTC’s Sense UI with a few new bells and whistles like an app switcher in the notification drawer, a Faves gallery and an improved media player. The device also comes preloaded with Swype, Slacker Radio and other software.

The myTouch 4G is definitely hot and it gives the carrier a flagship device to counter the iPhone and Droid lineup.

Who’s excited about this smartphone?

  • Benoit808

    Where did you get the $199 from? Anything official on that or just the rumors?

  • Hey MARIN does it really have a 30 frames per second video camera? And the display, is it a Super LCD with 16+ million colors?

  • Svetzy02

    Hi, can you zoom in on a picture to show the quality and sharpness of the camera? I was checking out the G2, and the sharpness is not very good.

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