Angry Birds Halloween edition sells 1 million in 6 days; Cut the Rope – 2 million in three weeks

And the latest best-selling application in Apple’s AppStore is… [drums please]… Angry Birds Halloween. The special Holiday-themed edition of the popular game has been bought by 1 million iOS devices owners in just 6 days!

Up until this point, Chillingo’s Cut the Rope held the prime position, reaching the same number of paid downloads within 10 days. iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users continued to purchase the game afterwards and by the time you’re reading this, more than 2 million people have decided to spend their weekend feeding a little monster with candies.

Back to the Angry Birds. As you’ve read from our previous post on the Halloween version of the game, it comes with 45 new frightening stages that will definitely keep you occupied for some time. This is especially true if you’re a real addict, looking to score three stars on every single stage. I know we have such guy in our team, are you like that, too? 😉

Angry Birds Halloween ($0.99) [iTunes link]
Cut the Rope ($0.99) [iTunes link]


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