Secret SMS Replicator for Android lets you spy on your girlfriend/boyfriend

Android application that lets you lets you spy on your girlfriend/boyfriend

Ever wanted to keep track of all the text messages your girlfriend or boyfriend receives? How about your kids? In other words, have you ever wanted to spy on someone? There’s a new and controversial app available for Android smartphones that does just that.

It’s called Secret SMS Replicator and it allows for secret surveillance of another person’s incoming text messages. Sure it’s potentially insidious and it’s definitely not made for everyone, but I’m quite confident some folks will appreciate it… a LOT!

Here’s how to do it:

Grab your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s phone while he/she is in the shower. Download Secret SMS Replicator onto his/her Android phone and let it run secretly, unable to be detected. Once that’s on place, it will be BCC’ing you all of his/her incoming texts.

We don’t suggest you install Secret SMS Replicator on anyone’s phone, but if you do want to proceed nevertheless, simply search for the app in the Android Market.

UPDATE: Some users have reported they couldn’t find the application in the Android Market, hinting us it may be banned. If you want it badly, your best bet is to contact developer (DLP Mobile) for download instructions.

  • Contact Frank

    I have 2 cell phone numbers. I only carry one of them. I call forward my calls from the cell phone that I dont carry to the cell phone that I do carry.
    I am not able to do this with my text messages. Do you have an app that I can buy/download so I can text forward my texts from one cell phone to another?

  • Sysdfg

    Hope that your boy/girl friend has a sense of humor. Put this on a device and say hello to federal wire tapping.

  • Schermvlieger

    Come on what a fud!

    First time your victim opens the market app he/she’ll notice that someone installed something new.
    Let alone Market asking them to install the latest update.

    Even if you put this app in the system/app folder – which requires a rooted device – you’ll be able to see that it has been installed.

    Can you please do a little bit more research and use your brain a bit before you post this stuff, Dusan?

  • discas

    I found my best friend cheating with my girlfriend using this software.

  • Sinxx1

    I think one of my friends is spying on me …. this is crazy 

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