Whatser suggests cool places for iPhone users

An Amsterdam, Netherlands-based SoGeo launched a promising iPhone application called Whatser. Available as a free download, Whatser connects to other social networks while also using data of its own to suggest places you may like.

For a start, you (and other users) connect your existing social networks from Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla and Foursquare and let Whatser do its magic. It will scan your buddies across all those networks, plus include data from its own database — anyone can add some place to his or her favorites on Whatser. Moreover, the company has teamed-up with third-party services such as Unlike (http://unlike.net/), Spotted by Locals (http://www.SpottedbyLocals.com) and LokalEdition (http://www.lokaledition.com/) to provide users with reviews of city destinations across the world.

In other words, this thing seems idea; for travelers. Want to see which places your buddies liked when they travelled to some destination before you? Now you can do that in a super convenient way. Love how it sounds, now I have to try it out and then maybe add two more cents to this post. Stay tuned…

And before I let you go, you should know that Android and BlackBerry apps are in development as we speak. Nice! 😉

Whatser (FREE) [iTunes link]

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