Xfinity app turns Apple iPad into remote

The Xfinity Apple iPad app turns the tablet into a remote
The Xfinity Apple iPad app turns the tablet into a remote

We saw early builds of this months ago, but Comcast has finally released the Xfinity app for the Apple iPad and it turns your “magical” tablet into one awesome remote control.

According to the company, the new Comcast Xfinity Apple iPad app enables:

Browse and discover video content from either TV listings or selections from the On Demand library in a rich user interface with colorful poster art and details.

Use it as a TV guide so, in just a few finger taps, users can find what to watch by reviewing their TV listings and change the channel in real time.

Program their DVRs to record TV shows, series and movies so they never miss their favorites.

Sort content based on different filters like Networks and Genres such as Movies, Kids, Sports, or by HD content.

Search by keyword or by title A-Z in TV listings or On Demand.
Watch movies and TV shows directly on the iPad anytime, anywhere (coming in December).

Personalize viewing with a “MyTV” feature to create a “Watchlist” of favorite TV shows and movies (coming soon).
Seamlessly access social networking sites to share what they’re watching with others (coming soon).

Don’t feel left out if you don’t have an Apple iPad, as the Comcast Xfinity app will also be coming to Android and BlackBerry devices later this year. It’s not clear if these apps will be the exact same thing, but I’m sure it will offer many of the same features.

I’ve downloaded the Comcast Xfinity iPad app and it’s pretty solid – it looks pretty nice and it worked well over my sometimes-spotty WiFi. What I’m really interested in is the future features that will be enabled with this app.

Starting next month, you’ll be able to watch your DVR or On Demand content directly on the iPad as long as you’re a subscriber and that will just boost the device’s entertainment abilities. You can download the app here.

[Via Comcast]

  • Anonymous

    hmm, that’s great, seems I do not need to do much converting with iFunia iPad Video Converter as I download many videos from the internet and for lacking of flash support.

  • Lisfrancs

    Are you kidding? Try getting the app to load on your iPad? Good luck! After you enter the capcha codes about a hundred times, all you get is error messages. Why does a glorified TV guide need security that keeps the customer from even accessing information?

  • techfreak

    A remote control, I have one at home and do not require another. Come on Comcast! I do however need some entertainment while I’m out and about which happens to be most of the time. Luckily enough I happen to work with DISH Network so I was able to research in more depth any technology coming out that would be more progressive toward my needs. I now have what is required to have my TV where ever I may be roaming. I have a Sling Adapter and I downloaded the app for my iPad which by the way was not difficult at all! 🙂 I now have the ability to get the shows I want and the change in reality that I desire when I’m looking for a distraction.

  • Nicole

    That’s neat that Comcast has an app to turn my android into a remote. What’s super sweet is that DISH Network has an app to turn my android into a live TV from anywhere geographically where there’s high-speed internet access. My name is Nicole and I do work for DISH so I know that great entertainment shouldn’t be lost just because you’re not at home in front of the TV. Take a look at the Sling Adapter and true technology evolution at its best.

    • Bill

      Ugh. The Dish sling adapter is like atari 2600. Switched to xfinitytv and never looked back. It’s not just remote you can do other stuffnlike watch HBo and Showtime on iPad and computer. I know you have to use Dish because you work there. Sorry for you.

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