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    I have a strong feeling that an app is going to show up on the Marketplace by Microsoft, to restore your SD card back to regular FAT32 formatting. It will be interesting to see how it works, since formatting the card also means your own device gets completely reset as well. They are in a tough predicament.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/schramk Kevin Schram

    Yes, this is known. The WP7 hardware spec doesn’t call for removable storage. Because microSD memory is cheaper than NAND memory, a lot of manufacturers are going with microSD cards. It’s more like the iPhone, than the Android/BlackBerry/webOS with regards to storage. But it sounds like Microsoft might cave and some workaround might show up.

  • http://twitter.com/mikehill33 mikehill33

    What an absolute failure in engineering. Good riddance to a lousy platform. Never giving WP7 a glance.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that the company’s Windows and Samsung
    should stop acting like we are letting the gadget loans and understand
    that we had to pay good money for those things and that is not there
    place to say how much space should be and how lets use that space for
    the user.

  • http://twitter.com/RandomWickednes RandomWickedness

    I love my phone. WHEN IT WORKS. This memory error is a nightmare, even worse is they brick the memory card on you so if the phone doesn’t recognize it an gets stuck in an infinite loop of “your memory card is broken or changed” you can’t even use the card in another device.

  • dE_logics

    MS wants to force you to use Windows; to use a Windows phone you have to –

    1) Use Bill Gate’s products everywhere (stick to MS only — hay!… it’s a monopoly).
    2) Donate a lot of money to um.
    3) Do whatever he likes (though Windows, indirectly)
    4) Accept whatever decision he makes.
    5) Hate software for non-profit and try to kill these ORGs to make Mr. Gates a richer man by forcing everyone to pay more.

    Hay… where’s the government; I guess it’s too late for them too.


    I also have Samsung focus i917.
    Now I move to Lumia 720. I faced same problem, I can’t find Nokia N8,
    but tried to manage Nokia 5233. It also made memory card revive again.
    Just format it. I think, this problem can be solved by Nokia any
    Symbian’s Version phones.

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