Android 2.3 Gingerbread to be announced on December 6th?

At this point, we’re considering any date to be the official announcement of Android 2.3, or Gingerbread. We’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for some morsel of information, and once we saw this, it looked like the pieces may indeed be fitting together.

Mr. Android, aka Andy Rubin, will be making an appearance at an upcoming show in San Francisco on the 6th of December. The show is “D: Dive Into Mobile” (yeah, we like the name, too) and it’s entirely possible that Rubin will be dropping some sweet, sweet knowledge on us concerning Gingerbread. This date is quite believable, as it falls right in line with Eric Schmidt’s words saying that the Android update should be announced with in the next couple of weeks – the D: Dive Into Mobile show will be exactly three weeks since Schmidt hinted at the release.

As I’ve said before, Google better deliver with Gingerbread. The OS update has been extremely over-hyped, and once it drops, people will begin to pick it a part. That will be the case with every update for any mobile OS, but iOS, WebOS, and WP7 are already very nice-looking on their own, and Gingerbread is said to be focused on user experience. If all Duarte has done is make the notification bar black and make the selection highlights green with Gingerbread, people may soon be turned off to the OS. We’re putting our money on Gingerbread bringing a much snazzier UI to Android.

That said, the real deal is Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” OS. Android 2.3 Gingerbread won’t step the OS up to 3.0 status, so we’ll likely have to wait until the next major platform update before we see any real optimizations for tablet devices.

Who knows at this point when we’ll see Gingerbread. We know the Nexus One will get it first, and others likely will have to wait months before they can get the newest version Android on their handset.

So, what’s your bet for an Android Gingerbread release date?

  • Bdpowell27

    Well I for one hope this update is sooner rather than later..
    I’m looking forward to seeing what Google has been working on-just need to wait for those
    Lucky ass Nexus users to get their update rolled out…I have an unbranded DESIRE HD so hopefully I’ll not be waiting to long..

    • Anonymous

      You may have to wait a while, and when you do get the Gingerbread update, HTC Sense will still be the main UI. HTC has already said that the Gingerbread update won’t effect their custom UI, and coming from Sense, you may notice even less since it’s already the nicest custom skin on Android as it is. But I hear you, please sooner rather than later.

  • Anonymous

    Considering Matias only joined Google in May, don’t expect Gingerbread to contain much of a UI overhaul. That will likely be saved for a “major” revision, like 3.0. The good news is that Honeycomb is rumored for a Q1 launch to coincide with a flood of tablets.

  • I don’t think that the update was over hyped, not as much as FroYo even

  • As a Milestone user (doesn’t that sound ancient already) I won’t be getting this. I don’t even have 2.2 yet.

    I hope to see video calling integrated and several UI updates – that’s all. 3.0 will be the to biggest update yet.

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